An Ode to Twenty One Years

This Sunday I celebrated my 21st birthday. Since yesterday was one of my best birthdays ever, I wanted to share my thoughts of miracles and funny things that happened this week. Here they are, in countdown form…
An Ode to Twenty One:
21). The number of times it took for me to actually hit and break open a piñata that our ward mission leader got for me. In my defense I was blindfolded with a tie and the Elders kept yanking it high up as I would swing (:
20). The number of times (at least) that I was “on the table” excited and rejoicing about Ode #12
19). The age I was two years ago when I first came out on my mission. How those two years have flown by!
18). The number of packets of skittles/starburst that were in my piñata.
17). The number of attempts it took for me to successfully use authentic chopsticks to eat authentic Cambodian Phō. Our Bishop spoiled us.
16). Probably an accurate count of the sweets I was given and ate in celebration of my birthday.
15). Probably an accurate guess of how many pounds I gained this week.
14). The number of dogs one of our members has. They flock to us.
13). The number of sweet sticky notes that the Timuquana Sisters left on our door on my birthday.
12). The number of non members who attended church with us this week. Six came because we invited them (and the Spirit compelled them), and six came because the members brought their non member families and friends. They just kept walking in and my jaw just kept dropping. It was a miracle! So invite your friends and family to come to church, okay? Okay (:
11). The number of showers I took this week to compensate for service in boiling heat. Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all, right?
10). The number of times a day that we pray (if not way more) to find those who are ready to receive the gospel.
9). The number of times I was so thankful to have my wonderful companion.
8). The number of times others sang Happy Birthday to me.
7). The number of days this week that we talked with everyone and were blessed beyond belief.
6). The number of times that Sister Wolfley and I scored together in ultimate frisbee with our team. Actually, I don’t know how many, but six seems decently accurate.
5). The number of times I cried for joy and because of the Spirit.
4). The number of new investigators that we found this week.
3). The number of balloons we found at our door for my birthday.
2). The number of days in a row that members took us to Golden Corrall to eat dinner, and the number of days in a row that members made me openly celebrate my birthday at restaurants, whether with a birthday crown or singing.
1). The number of investigators that accepted baptism and set a date for September 16th. He is a wonderful 21 year old named T, and he is so prepared for the gospel.
This was such a wonderful week! Thank you to everyone who was so kind and wished me a happy birthday! I love you all so much!
Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!
Sister Tryon
0630 with Sister Ganir

Trade-off with Sister Ganir

0631 With member who owns 14 dogs

A member of our ward and a few of her fourteen dogs


0632 doggie heaven!

A super happy day with two super happy doggies


0633 birthday love

Thanks for all the birthday love!


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