The Week We Got More Rain Than Seattle Did.

Hello Everyone! 

This week has been amazing! The above title is accurate. We have been working hard to find and it has been pretty successful! We have been busy and I love it! This week I felt as though I was given ample experiences in which I felt truly needed here. A new family moved into our ward recently and we met them this week. I found out that they were found and baptized by my trainer, Sister Dixon! That was a tender mercy for me, especially because they told us they trusted us immediately.

We went on a tradeoff with the Whitehouse Sisters this week! Sister Stepherson came to serve in Normandy with me! We had a ton of fun!

0596 with sister stepherson

We did District Service in the pouring rain. Sister Stepherson and I took a tradeoff selfie when we were a bit more dry. Don’t worry, we went home and got warm before heading out again. We will not get pneumonia…

This week it rained so much! We actually ended up knocking in the rain for an hour and it was so much fun! We both have rain boots and jackets so we stayed fairly dry! People sure were shocked to see two beaming Sister Missionaries at their door, rain pouring down behind and swirling in the streets. It was a blast and though we did not find any new investigators that night, we were blessed later in the week with some.

0597 With Sister Bryans in rainy weather

We took a raincoat selfie. This was only after a couple of minutes of raining, so we still looked cute.

Other highlights in his week include Stake Conference, in which I was able to see so many members whom I love! I am finally reaching that point in my mission where I know lots of members and I just love it! It helps to have served in this Stake for at least ten months over a course of almost two years.

0598 with sandwiches from questionable sandwich shop

We got a sandwich at this mildly questionable sandwich shop. But don’t worry, we paid with cash (:

Another highlight of this week was interviews with our mission president, President Lee! We love him so much, and he warms our hearts immensely.

Normandy District

Normandy District during interviews

I am so thankful for this chance I have to serve right now! I know my time is drawing a bit shorter than before, but I will always be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who is patient and who gives us so many chances.

Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you! I love you!


Sister Tryon


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