Hello Everyone!

The title for his week comes from my sweet companion. I accidentally  kicked a large piece of loose cement while walking and exclaimed in  pain. Sister Bryans, “ever the example of compassion and love” (that’s  her quote, not mine) yelled out “LIMP FASTER!” Haha I love her a lot!

I have had such a wonderful week! We have been working and finding! We  had a tradeoff with the Middleburg Sisters. I served in Normandy with Sister Harris while Sister Bryans and Sister Winona served in  Middleburg. It was so much fun!

0546 with sister harris

Serving with Sister Harris

We also got to go on a tradeoff with the Jacksonville South Sister Training Leaders.
Aaaaaaaaaaaand I got to serve in Jacksonville South with Sister Tullis! I was so happy! It was good to catch up and just work hard, just like in  Palatka. I also got to see the Wolffords on my tradeoff! That was a tender mercy of sorts!

0547 reunion with sister Tullis

When former companions get to be together again! #Bestdayever!

I love all of you! Please never forget how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon


One thought on “LIMP FASTER!

  1. So good to see your happy face! We went to Pullman this last weekend. Clint got his MBA at graduation. It was fun to be on the WSU campus. Mikaila served about 8 months there so she went with us. She visited church and contracted people that she had taught. It was wonderful to watch her. She loved her mission so much…just like you! I am so glad that you and Bryce are having such memorable experiences. We also drove to Spokane and drove past 2 houses that I lived in. One was where I was living when I joined the church. Great time, but today I am feeling my age! Hope you have a marvelous week! Love, Grandma T.


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