The Week I Caught A Lizard

Hello Everyone!
This week has been amazing! We are working so hard out here and I love it! We are currently in finding mode, so we do not have many specific people we are working with. But we are having so much fun and I love it! I love my companion so much! She seriously is so amazing and makes me feel so loved! Being a Sister Training Leader is crazy and so much fun! It is kind of strange though. We have six pairs of Sisters in our Zone and due to going on tradeoffs with each of them, Sister Bryans and I end up working with each other only about 4 solid days a week! The rest are spent on tradeoffs with the Sisters and in meetings. I am so thankful that I have such an amazing companion that I can be close with despite our much time apart.
This week I got to go on a tradeoff with Sister Stailey in our area. It was lots of fun and we found some nice people!
0528 with Sister Stailey

Trade-off with Sister Stailey

I also got to go on a tradeoff with Sister Smith in Orange Park and that was tons of fun! I definitely learned a lot from both Sisters as far as diligence and communication and love goes.
0527 with Sister Smith

Trade-off with Sister Smith

I also apparently found a four year old boyfriend who was quite precocious in grabbing my hand to show me and my companion all of his toys in his room. I tried to tell him that Max has had me snagged since junior year, but he wouldn’t take it haha. He ended up giving me a jellybean and letting me use some lotion (so basically I am his favorite haha). I am definitely excited to babysit again one day (:
Michelle and Max

Max when he decided Sister Tryon was his girlfriend

Random Notes
We got a new car on Friday, and we are so excited to take care of it! It is a 2017 Chevy Malibu and we are driving like little grandmas in it so we don’t wreck it.
Sister Smith and I found this pineapple on a doorstep so I took a picture with it. It made me think of Sister Hoffman (:
0526 pineapple

Big Pineapple for Sister Hoffman!

Sister Bryans and I realized that our Mission President’s wife might have to wear cardigans every day. So in an effort to be supportive of her and to be more professional looking, we have made a goal to wear cardigans every day. We will see how long we can end up doing that. But this week we have done it just about every day! Woohoo! Little victories!
0525 wall
On a Sunday we were coming home from an appointment and saw one of those cute “Little Free Library” stands. We ended up writing our testimonies in a copy of the Book of Mormon and putting it inside. We’ll see what comes of that.
One day as we were walking into our apartment, a lizard scuttled in and into our laundry closet. Well, we knew that if we didn’t rescue it, it would end up being a less cute skeleton in a while. So we ended up climbing behind our machines and panicking and trying to catch it so we could rescue it. One detached dryer and much tension later, we caught it! We ended up putting it on our ears and taking pictures for fun. You don’t quite get that in Seattle now… *Note: Whoever said it was painless to put it on your ear is wrong. It hurts a bit. It really latched onto my ear and we panicked for a couple minutes trying to get it off. But actually it was a really funny, really typical “Florida” experience. I would actually recommend it haha*
0524 caught a lizard

The week I caught a Lizard! He did NOT look too happy…

0523 Lizard earring

Pet Lizard Earring…

Literally the most Florida thing I did here…  If you look deeply into my eyes you can see the slight fear that the lizard is not going to come off and I would have had to have a pet lizard.
0529 first and fourth
Finally got a picture for what was both my first and fourth geographical areas of service.
Anyway, that’s all for this week! Missions are amazing! Basically it is training to be a parent/spouse/poor college student/disciple of Christ/happy person/[insert any good thing here]. I love it so much. I love all of you so so so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!
Sister Tryon

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