I love y’all

Hello Everyone!

This week has been amazing! Sister Bryans and I are getting along together and are loving serving here together! Sister Bryans collects coins from the pavement throughout the day, and ends up finding quite a bit of money!


This week Sister Bryans and I gave two trainings at Zone Meeting! I feel as though we did well and I enjoyed giving them! They were my first, and though we spoke for a while longer than necessary, we felt that they were guided by the Spirit! We also got to go on a tradeoff with he Timuquana Sisters! I went with Sister Armstrong (see below)

0520 with Sister Armstrong

Funny Moment: Sister Bryans was looking for her white handbook. I decided to eat my fortune cookie from earlier. My fortune said “It is time to help a friend in need.” So I stopped and attempted to help. Then she found it and opened her fortune cookie to eat it. Hers said “You will soon receive help from an unexpected source.” Haha too good.

Awkward Moment: We tried to see a less active member. As we were pulling up her record, someone slowly pulled into the driveway and eyed us suspiciously. Well, we assumed she was the person who lived there, so we walked up to her car and she avoided eye contact for 30 seconds. Well, it was already awkward, so we waved and she looked up and grudgingly rolled down her car window. Apparently it was her daughter’s house at she was visiting. We saw her daughter for a couple seconds, then drove away uncomfortably because we felt quite unloved. Fast forward about five minutes, we are at a less active/former’s house about to see if we can get in contact with them. As we were sitting in the car about to pray, someone pulled into the driveway slowly and kind of eyed us. Well, yet another awkward pull in encounter, we can get over that, right? Well, we got out of the car and waved hello and she answered the door. IT WAS THE SAME LADY. Coincidence, I think NOT! Haha so awkward. But she said we can come back another time so…. success…

Sweet Moment: Sister Bryans and I had been talking, and I decided I needed to write down my thoughts for several minutes. After about ten minutes and pondering, Sister Bryans pulled out a penny from her bag, put it on my knee, and said “Penny for your thoughts?” Which was sweet because she actively seeks out and treasures pennies. I have the best companion.

Miracle Moment: One of our miracles actually came from going out of our way to talk with everyone! Sister Bryans was sharing with me during one of our companionship studies how she desired to find and talk with every single person she could. She has the fire in her. As she was speaking, I saw a maintenance man riding a lawnmower past our window. The Spirit made me notice him, and I continued to listen to her. He drove by a second time, and I had to ask if we could run out and speak with him. So we threw our shoes on, grabbed a card, and ran outside to talk to him. Thankfully we only had to run a couple seconds before we saw him stopped so that a person in our complex could walk by without the noise. We told him we felt like we needed to talk to him, and introduced our message. As he was working, he accepted a card and mentioned that he might like to come to church. Then we realized we had given him a card with the information for Dunn Avenue and told him we would be right back to bring him an accurate one! Well, he waited for us and called our phone number so we could set up a time to meet with him. And then we got to talk to another person nearby! It was such a miracle!

I love being a missionary!  I am 89% sure that I am currently undergoing training to be a mom haha. I love all of you so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!


Sister Tryon

0522 opening 12 days of easter

Sister Bryans took pictures of me opening my 12 Days of Easter eggs

0523 Henry, Elizabeth and Philip

We got some succulents last P-day and named them Henry, Elizabeth and Philip (clockwise from top left)

0521 Area 5Area #5: Jacksonville!


One thought on “I love y’all

  1. You have a marvelous attitude and spirit! I wonder if Florida is fully aware of the great blessing known as Michelle T.! May you have a wonderful week! Remember that you are very loved!


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