Sister Bryans and I are Twins Apparently..

This week has been amazing! I am loving my new area and my new companion! It turns out, Sister Bryans and I are basically the same person, and it’s kind of crazy! I love it! I am already learning so much about being a leader and it is so much fun! I definitely have a new appreciation of leaders and know I am going to be humbled quite a bit this next transfer. I can already feel an overwhelming love for the missionaries here!

0512 Transfer day April 5 2017 Sister Bryans

Transfer Day. (Photo credit to Byron Gourley)


One of our miracles this week came from trying a former. We felt prompted to try them, and shared the Easter video. We then felt prompted to ask them to meet with us and to read the Book of Mormon. They shared many of their concerns that had previously kept them from keeping commitments, and had previously led us to discontinue seeing them. We are meeting with them this upcoming week and are excited! I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary!

0513 cotton candy

We got Cotton Candy 🙂


0514 McFlurries

We got McFlurries at McDonald’s

0515 wreath

We knocked on someone’s door and complimented her on her cute sunflower thing hanging basket that she made. And then we went to another home and were knocking when the daughter from the previous house came and GAVE it to us as an Easter gift! So we took down the hanging part and are putting it up on our door as a wreath! Yay! I love sunflowers so much!


0516 No solliciting!

We did not knock at that house!


0517 napping

Companion had appendicitis a couple weeks back, so sometimes, power naps in the car are in order! Sister Bryans took a picture of us while we were resting in the car. #missionarylife #lifeprep

0518 companion twins!

Hurray for cute missionary companions pictures!


Sister Tryon


2 thoughts on “Sister Bryans and I are Twins Apparently..

  1. Your pictures are adorable! I know that you are so dedicated. You are developing skills that will last forever! I am glad that you are serving but I still miss you! Have a wonderful week.


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