When in doubt, Eat it out.

My future companion, Sister Bryans, said the wise quote for the above subject line. Yes, I am getting transferred. I will be a Sister Training Leader in Normandy Ward, so I will be in the same Stake and Zone! I am excited to be there! The best part is that I will still get to see everyone in my district and also see Sister Hoffman and Sister Driggs! It will be an adventure!
This week has been wonderful! Due to wanting to spend more time with our district today, my email will mostly be a few of the tender mercies we saw the latter end of this week!


  • We moved a bed so we could paint in P’s room. We didn’t realize that the frame and the mattress were different sizes and the frame came apart. We struggled in vain to get it back together. But it was okay.
  • I got paint on the ceiling at P’s house and we didn’t have a ladder yet. So I boosted Sister Ganir up and she tried to wipe it down. A minute later, after two unsuccessful attempts at this, we found out that P had a ladder we could easily use.
  • Sister Ganir was sore from her bike which has a ridiculously hard seat, so we switched before biking. We biked 6 or so miles to an appointment.  As we were coming into the neighborhood, which was a construction one, she accidentally ran over a nail. My back tire went completely flat.

0499 flat tire

  • Thankfully, our member drove us and our bikes home (same member who helped put air in our car tires the other day). And then M and his wife came over and fixed our tire. There were two leaks from the nail… We headed into our apartment to grab some things and got a call a minute later. M needed a jump for his car, so we were able to help him out a bit. Haha! Too much!


  • Made chocolates with Sister K and she gave us chocolate bunnies we had made. We gave them away to people and people were so excited!
  • Met N and she is cute

0501The Bunny, The Bunny


  • We were walking back to our car and saw a group of people, and decided to go and talk to them so we could talk with everyone! We shared the link to the Easter video, since they were not open to watching it at the moment. And then we realized that we had met one of the men last week while also talking with everyone. Hopefully he gets the hint from God. Tender mercy!
  • President Choi spoke at conference
  • #washingtonseattlemission  (Where Sister Tryon was born and raised)
  • #wassisterbeenfieldinthepicture? (Yes! She was! Sister Beenfield being a favorite missionary from the Seattle Mission and unofficial trainer before going into the mission field)
  •  #amihandsome #NOOOOOOOO *cries thinking about Rachel all throughout conference* (This deserves an explanation: We once went to a missionary fireside in which President Choi was presented with a beautiful flower lei from some Polynesian brethren. He asked from the pulpit if he was handsome, and Sister Tryon’s little sister Rachel, who has Down Syndrome, and has no brain to mouth filter (whether the two symptoms are related to one another is yet to be determined), yelled loudly, “NO!”)
  • (Parenthetical comments were all added by Sister Tryon’s mom as an explanations for all hashtags)

I hope all of you enjoyed General a Conference this week! It was truly amazing for me! Everything brought me so much peace and I am so thankful. Ah I love the gospel! It’s true! If you ever want to learn more, please email me or talk to the missionaries or go on Mormon.org! There is an amazing Easter video all about Jesus Christ for all denominations! Check it out! And please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon
0495 dino

We spent a few minutes at a playground while out knocking. So fun!


Sister a Ganir caught this moment of pure bliss #iamsixyearsoldplusfourteen

0497 goodbye Sister nish

I saw Sister Nish this Zone Conference. She goes home in a day or two. So sad. I am going to miss her so much!


0498 Sister Nish bear hug

Ahhh isn’t she the literal cutest person ever?



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