Tender Mercies

Hello Everyone!

This week has been one of hard work and I am thankful for it. I am so thankful for my diligent and obedient companion. She is one of the greatest examples to me of talking with everyone. Whether it is a gas station or going out of her way to talk with people, she does it. Especially when she is fearful or uncomfortable, she does it. She truly loves tough things. This week we made it a goal to talk to ten people every day who were out of our way. I was terrified. But my amazing companion helped me so much and made it easier. We were quick to observe and to follow promptings, even going to knock on a legitimate mansion when she felt so prompted. Literally we were driving down a 45 mph road and saw a mansion we had passed by before and she looked at me, turned the car around, and said she felt that we needed to knock it. The person was nice and said we could try back next week. Miracle. I am still working myself on having such faith, courage, and determination in my work. But I know that as I just do it and do it without worrying or it will become easier. As I understand in whom I have trusted, I will have the faith and courage that Nephi had.

0485 Mansion

Above picture is the Mansion we knocked. You can’t tell how big it is here but think a half mile driveway and then at least five or six of our houses. So big!

This week I decided to write down tender mercies, funny things, and quotes that I liked rather than doing extensive journaling. The following is a small look into my life as a missionary.


  • We both got to wear cute skirts (benefits of having a companion who is about the same size as you).
  • We looked awesome despite biking in the hot sun.

0484 Fleming Island- District meetingSister Tryon and Sister Ganir with their district. They did swap skirts as mentioned above 🙂

  • I saw my first in-person gator!!!
  • We got to meet a nice guy named A who seems interested.
  • We met a less active member who wants to come to church again and bring her fiancé.
  • We went to Wendy’s and I thought I didn’t have my free Frostie card, but then miraculously found it right before ordering!
  • I almost spilled said frosty two minutes later onto the Wendy’s carpet BUT miraculously caught it with my ninja-like reflexes.

0487 gator

I know it looks like a log but in real life it was a gator. We were biking across the bridge and I was looking at the water, dreaming about kayaking, and then I saw it and practically slammed on my brakes! ”Twas my first gator that I saw in real life!


  • We ran 2.4 miles this morning and Sister Ganir kept slowing down or running in place so I wouldn’t completely die and be way behind her.
  • My body is fine after running 2.4 miles, only 15 minutes later!
  • We went to the K’s to do service. Brother K joked that we should just all go out to lunch instead of cleaning. Turns out he wasn’t joking. We went to Longhorn. What a treat! I am going to need stretchier skirts haha. We have the best members and non members.


  • “There’s a difference between having faith and being stupid.” -Sister Ganir to me, as I wanted to knock a house that had a big, black, free range dog in the front that was barking at us.
  • Elder B gave us some lead ball weapons to protect ourselves against really vicious dogs that might attack (such as the aforementioned one).
  • The dog eventually went away and we didn’t need to use them. Which is good because I don’t know if I could hit a dog. It would hurt me way too much.
  • We went to Ruby Tuesdays and got to eat with the H’s
  • Brother H agreed to let us practice teaching him with his son, M, who is going on a mission soon! Bold is gold! He is a new investigator!
  • R said she would come to the baptism tomorrow!
  • Mom Moment: An investigator wanted my sharpie pen, and I could tell she wanted it more than I needed it. So I let her have it.
  • (Blessing: Sunday night an investigator gave us a whole bag of pens and notepads #sacrificebringsforththeblessingsofheaven)
  • We got to meet E and she became a new investigator


  • My protein shake was super creamy and delicious today! #avocados
  • We got to go to women’s conference, what a blessing!
  • R came to the baptism and LOVED it. And the members!


  • We got to sing in church today and it sounded great!
  • I got to conduct in church and I loved it!
  • We had a super awesome third hour class on teaching in the Savior’s way.
  • O seemed super excited to hear about a living prophet and wants to watch Conference!
  • A member asked us if she could come out with us and teach.
  • “If you don’t feel the Spirit, you shouldn’t be doing it.”-Bishop P.
  • “Surely this is the day and age of the gifted pickle sucker”-Gordon B. Hinckley (may be paraphrased)
  • “T, your mouth is in motion before your brain is in gear”-Bishop’s wife, N.

So that is this week! One thought that has been on my mind a lot this past week. Never postpone a spiritual prompting. Especially to share the gospel. It is not worth it to not receive the blessings that come from so doing. Be quick to observe what God has to tell you. Listen for guidance. Follow it. You will be happy. And you will feel even more of your Heavenly Father’s love.

Please remember how much He loves you!

I love you.


Sister Tryon

P. S. Pictures!

0486 22 pound chihuahua

We taught a lesson  and I held this huge, 22 pound chihuahua for an hour while teaching. My mom always says that when you first have a baby your arms get super muscular from holding the baby ALL the time. I think I can see why. Worst part? I couldn’t complain about being sore, or I would have to explain that I held a chihuahua for an hour. Haha so funny.

0488 squirrel

0489 squirrel again

We fed squirrels!  Sister Ganir was way more calm than I was about the squirrel. She’s used to it #disneyprincess

0490 funny yard faces

We found these funny rocks in someone’s yard and I made Sister Ganir take a picture for me. She puts up with so much haha.


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