The Week that our Car and Bikes Broke Down

Hello Everyone!

This week has been amazing! We have been working hard and have found the one every day and have seen miracles from it!

0469 Zone Preparation Day, March 6, 2017

0470Zone Conference

We have met a ton of new people, many of which we might have to send to the Elders haha. But we have had so much fun! Ready for the funnies of this week?

1). We were talking with everyone, and saw this guy in his car. There was a railroad logo on the side. The following is our conversation with the man inside..

“Hey, what’s your job?”

‘I work for the railroad’

“Oh, are you working at this house then, or….?”

‘I live here’


We love awkward things haha…

2). My finger hurt and Sister Ganir took my finger and touched her hair to it and said “Flower Gleam and glow…”

flower gleam and glow

3). Our bikes broke down for an hour. Not enough air in the tires. Chains falling off. My fingers were black from getting the chains back on. So I scrubbed intensely and got it off. We headed out, and then noticed that the brake wire wasn’t attached well on Sister Ganir’s bike. While wondering what to do, we saw the Elders zoom by our complex, and decided that we would just bike quickly and catch up with them and ask them to fix it. Well, apparently we are out of shape, and biking in skirts can be hard, so we were a bit more behind than we anticipated. The Elders were like little specks of white in the distance. As we were coming up across a bridge, they were much closer, and we were excited, and my competitive nature was coming out. And then I heard “SISTER!”

Sister Ganir’s chain had fallen off, so I put it back on and had demon-black fingertips as a result. Well, I forgot, so of course I waved to people as biking, and then realized that they were probably concerned haha. We also saw a vet hospital area with goats so I took a picture with my black hands and white skirt and goats. We were told to feed the sheep, but goats are probably pretty good too. Anyway, we got to the member’s house, cleaned up, and then headed up for our 4 more. Ike’s of biking. Bike problems over.


A day or two later, our car tires were low in pressure. To the point that we got in our car and heard a noise while driving and realized it was our rims, so we headed to a member’s House and they helped us. Then later that night, our car smelled like bad gasoline as we pulled into our complex. So we popped our hood and fumbled trying to figure out what it was. Eventually one of our neighbors came over and helped us out. So it was a great opportunity to get to know people!

4). Sister Ganir: ” Have you ever heard this song? ‘Christmas is coming, the goose is getting FAT!'”  Me *glares because yet again, she is making fun of my nickname haha*

0413 GERSE!!!!

My favorite miracle is J. Sister Ganir and I decided that we should take a brief moment to have a milkshake moment on Saturday. We talked at a park, and talked to a couple people who we saw as well. Towards the end of our conversation together, we saw a man swinging poi balls and decided to watch and talk to him. We ended up teaching him the whole Restoration and he seemed so excited! We are meeting with him Wednesday and Friday and could not be more excited! What added more to our joy, he texted us yesterday to tell us that he brought the Book of Mormon, his “new favorite book,” to his work site so he could read it! The only bummer is that he lives elsewhere, so we will be getting his address this week so we can refer him to the missionaries in his neighborhood. We are so excited for them to teach and baptize him! He is so ready! I love being a missionary! I love all y’all so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!


Sister Tryon


0472I love these! And I thought of Rachel!


The horror of Oreos that are neither milk’s favorite cookie and that are also peep flavored! Nope. Not a fan.



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