A Miracle-filled Week

Hello Everyone!

This week has been amazing! We have been working so hard and having so much fun!

I am trying to think of funny things/miracles from this week!

I am learning mom skills. For example, I peeled and chopped a super  ripe onion! I also cleaned an intense kitty litter box haha.

One funny thing his week, we had so many awkward encounters as we  talked with everyone!  We saw a couple cuddling in a hammock and decided to give them some space haha.

One funny thing also is Sister Ganir told me how to kill a goose by  swinging it by the neck. And then I was afraid and told her that my  nickname was Goose haha. So I guess I have to watch out for her now.

There was an awesome genealogy conference this week that we got to  help out with! We helped to direct people to their rooms and even got  to talk to a sweet lady for a little over half an hour! It was so  awesome to see so many people gathered together to do their family  history work, and so may non members! It was nice to show them that we
are normal people!

We have seen so many miracles! Our greatest was that of finding five  new investigators, all through trying Formers! (note from Sister Tryon’s mom: she means former investigators, as in people who met with the missionaries at some point prior, but were not currently taking lessons from them).

On Sunday night around  7pm, we only had one new investigator. Well, we had the faith to find  and trusted that God would bless us. We went and knocked a large  portion of the street for an hour as it got dark. We planned on trying  a former after our golden hour. At the end of knocking, we felt like  we should knock one more door. Nobody answered, though they were home.  As we started to walkowards our car, three people walked out. As we  talked to them, they said their names and we realized that they were  the formers we were about to try! They allowed us to share a brief  message and schedule a time to come back.

We then drove to the church  to call Formers before syncing. Around 8:59, we felt like we should  call one more person, then sync and head home. The former was  interested, and let us teach her on the phone and come back later this  week. We were so excited! We know that God blesses us when we act in  faith. We are so excited to see how these people progress!

I love you all so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon

0462A member gave me the perfect amount of whipped cream for AA strawberry shortcake #blessings

We made a gourmet meal with Brussels sprouts!

0464I’m a fan of this sign #southernlife

0465So….l almost picked up this roach in the dark while waiting for someone to answer the door because I thought it was a toad. Thankfully the Spirit warned me not to hahaha. The horror.

0466here is a new rule in our mission that we can’t eat inside our cars. So we went through the drive through, laid out a towel in a  parking lot, and ate #sacrificebringsforththeblessingsofheaven
#iquotethateveryday #mypoorcompanion


One thought on “A Miracle-filled Week

  1. Michelle you are amazing and sooo cute! I’m so proud of you and all the work you are doing! Yay! The lord’s got your back! Keep it up.

    Sister Litchfield


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