Transfer Miracles

Hello Everyone!

Wow this week went by so quickly!

We had transfers on Wednesday and now Sister Ganir and I are  companions! She is from Idaho and went to BYU Hawaii! Wow so she surfs  and that is pretty cool. She is an awesome diligent missionary and  helps me to be better at talking with everyone!

Goodbye Sister Hoffman 😦

0450Hello, Sister Ganir 🙂

 We are working hard and loving things! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand (drumroll  please) WE FOUND THE ONE! We were walking back to our apartment around  7:30 after knocking doors for an hour. It was way too dark to safely  walk, so we were going to grab a flashlight and drive the car. As we  were walking, a man passed behind us a bit far away. I honestly didn’t
really notice. But Sister Ganir saw him, and turned and said we really  needed to talk to him. So we sped walked behind him to catch up, and  called out to him. He turned and looked at us, then continued walking.  I figured he wasn’t interested. We turned around, kind of sad, and  then heard “What were y’all saying?” It was the man! We quickly turned
around and talked to him about family history. He quickly opened up  about his family situation and agreed to meet with us! We are meeting  with him later on tonight!

Also, two Sunday miracles! One is that I was speaking in Sacrament  meeting and that the Wolffords came to visit me! I had missed them so  much! Another miracle is that one of our wonderful members bought us  potstickers (gyoza) to eat! I am so happy! And I am thinking I might  gain some weight this transfer haha. We will see. I am loving things.


Today we went on a “hike” as a district and it was super fun! Our  entire district was changed this transfer except for one Elder and me,  so we got to know each other a lot! I am so excited for this transfer!  I love all of you!

I’ll leave y’all with a thought that has been on my mind recently…

Fear and faith are opposites.
Faith is a principle of action.
Therefore, fear is a principle of inaction.

Often when we find ourselves not acting, it is because of fear. Faith  allows us to move forward. Faith in Jesus Christ allows us to receive  His gift of eternal salvation. Have faith.

I love all of you so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly  Father loves you!

Sister Tryon



2 thoughts on “Transfer Miracles

  1. Hello, Granddaughter!
    It is wonderful to read your message! You sound so happy and that makes me so happy! You look beautiful,too! We went to California a few weeks ago and met our new great granddaughter. Her name is Jane. She is a little doll! Calmer than our Emma who is a true live wire. She keeps taking Jane to her bedroom so that they can play! And when I tried to hold the baby, she told me to leave her alone, that Jane was HER baby sister! We got to see Jane be blessed. She wore my mom’s baby dress which is 103 years old! Shaunna was blessed in it, so were her girls and now her granddaughters. Our little Ben turned 12 and is now a deacon. I can hardly wait to have him pass the sacrament to me! Just like Bryce! We also went to Colorado to see Clint and Meghan. I have been on 2 trips and I feel like a big girl! My blood test showed that my cancer markers were up and I am now on some new chemo pills. My markers are back down. Doing well. I spoke in church the other day and your mom came and listened to me. It was wonderful to look in the audience and see her big smile. I still miss being in the ward with your family…I miss you, but knowing that you are happy and doing well makes my heart sing! Love you and see you soon!


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