The Week When We Did a LOT of Service

Hello Everyone!

 This week has been so great! We were able to help so many people and meet so many people because of it! I think in total we did about 15 hours of service, which I have been told is our weekly limit (if not, we need to repent). It was so much fun! I love service so much!

On Monday, the sisters in our Zone all got together. We ate French toast and did a clothing swap and watched a church movie. It was so weird to wear jeans (I got them at the swap!) But kind of nice! And it helped out too since we did a lot of service this week and had to wear our p-day clothes so our skirts and nicer clothes would not get damaged or dirty.


On Tuesday we helped a member to pack up some things since she was moving. One thing I am learning from the members (and from packing all my things into two suitcases and a carry on six times in the course of my mission) is to learn to let go of old things. This is coming from a former pack-rat here… We carry so many things around with us because they are our things, and they are precious to us, and that is not bad. But we can’t take those physical things with us when we leave this life, and having too many things makes moving super stressful for you.

On Wednesday we got to help a member make chocolates again! I always feel so fancy because we know how to make all these impressive chocolate things and they turn out well! We also had our interviews with President Lee! I always love interviews and getting a bit of a spiritual pulse check there. I also got to give a training to the missionaries in my district, so that was a fun experience!




As we were heading out to our cars after the meeting, it was pouring. We’re talking the full Florida buckets and sheets of rain kind of storm. It lasted for fifteen minutes, causing a small lake to form in the church parking lot (the drains were clogged with leaves from the small-ish storm the night before). Unfortunately, we decided to wait only ten minutes before figuring we were going to get wet anyway. So we all ran out to our cars in the pouring rain. I slogged through three small lakes about half a foot deep while running to our car. And then lo and behold, as we were all finally getting our umbrellas opened and were completely soaked anyway, the rain stopped. It was a funny experience for sure. We also had to switch our car with the Elders, so now we have a blue car instead of a red one. We took a sad picture to remember both getting soaked and losing our red car.



On Thursday we did our weekly planning outside and I got a bit too much sun! It was the best! I probably only went from white to eggshell but that is more tan than I was before! We also got to help out Mama M set up for her first annual fashion show celebrating Black History Month. It was so much fun, and all those years of helping people set up wedding receptions in the church gym paid off. I am almost a professional at this point with tying ribbons on chair covers.

Friday was our day of planned and unplanned service. We received a call asking for help as our studies were ending, so we helped set up for a Blue and Gold Banquet, then helped a member to renovate her house, then helped Mama M more with setting up for the fashion show. We were so busy! And it was the best! I especially loved helping with the house. We tore up old carpeting and took out floorboards and nails and took down a wall! So basically I pretended that Beth and I were on an episode of HGTV and it was pretty empowering.


Saturday and Sunday were full of finding, as were all the hours between service this week. We met several people, though none were interested, but we will keep working and trying! I know that there are so many people who need the gospel in their life, and that when the time is right we will be able to help them to develop and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ! Being a missionary is hard, but it is 100% worth it. I am thankful to have this time to serve Heavenly Father with everything I can give. I love being a missionary.

I love you. Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!


Sister Tryon



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