The Week the Car got Stuck!

Hello Everyone!


This week has been, like all others, great! I am trying to think of all the things that happened! We are working to find new investigators. It sufficeth me to say that our current investigators are doing well, so I am going to talk about the random things this week.

We got to go to a Yw activity with one of our investigators! They had a bonfire and s’mores and we painted tree stumps to become seats around the bonfire. It was so fun to spend time with our young women! We also got to do a lot of service making chocolates and cleaning and painting and even laying down sticker-wood floors! I feel more confident now in my handy-man abilities! Apparently the ten year-old who wanted power tools for her birthday is still alive and well in me. We had a lot of fun!


We also got to go to an awesome youth devotional with one of our investigators! They did a youth session for Stake Conference and it was super cool!

Okay so story time. We were helping a member to paint and lay down those sticker floorboards. And we were leaving in our car, and pulled around her backyard to pull out… AND GOT STUCK! In Florida, if it rains like it did during our storms, grass turns into a bog. We tried pushing and pulling and all it ended up doing was digging our front right tire deeper and deeper into the mud. Thankfully we were wearing service clothes because our feet and things were starting to get a bit muddy. So we took a picture.


A few hours later, the member’s awesome son-in-law got home from work and helped to dig and maneuver and eventually tow our car out of the mud using his truck. We both thought it was a funny experience. Kind of like when we ran out of gas ten miles from Yakima.


Stake Conference was wonderful! I think I am adjusting to missionary life because I am in shock that it has already been three weeks here in Fleming Island! Missions pass by way too quickly! Sister Hoffman just hit her 4th month mark!


I love all of you! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon


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