A Pineapple-y Week

My companion loves pineapples, and she also has a pineapple shirt I enjoy borrowing for our pineapple photos.

This week has been pretty awesome. We have been working hard. We taught a lot and also walked a lot. I am thankful that I have sturdy shoes.. Otherwise this would be like when we walked/ran around Paris all day seeing as much as we could. In $10 flats from Target. And minus all the delicious crepes and gelato and kebabs. And all the shopping and hanging out with family. But other than that the same haha.


(France Summer 2014)

Things are going well here! We are teaching a wonderful family as well as several awesome individuals. I am not going to talk a bunch about them but hopefully we will have a baptism in a few weeks!

Among other things, we have had a few funny incidents at our apartment… I have taken to joking that I really do try to do things but they don’t always end up how I want them. Also, a year or two ago I went to the Seattle Pacific Science Center, and in one of the rooms there was a little book called “Tyrannosaurus Rex Trying” by Hugh Murphy, and it was really funny! You know, like trying to screw in a lightbulb or tie shoes, things a T-Rex can’t do with short arms. So I decided to make my own version, complete with excellent illustrations, called “Sister Tryon Tries.” I don’t have it with me now but will send pictures when I do. The following story is an example of two such incidents this week for my new autobiography:

The other day I caught a toad (you literally just pick it up haha) before we stepped into our apartment for the night. And so I went to wash my hands off so I could do other things. And in the midst of my soapy hand scrubbing, I saw something moving in the sink.


That’s right. A roach. But not any roach; it was a nasty, huge palmetto bug. And my hands were covered in soap so I ran to the bathroom sink to rinse them off while semi-screaming, bringing my poor companion running into the kitchen. And basically to cut things short I tried to kill it for 10 minutes with a mop and oven cleaner spray (because we have no raid). And my companion yelled at me to kill it while she perched on a table. And then it scuttled into a crevice between our counter and our dishwasher. We didn’t sleep well that night. Well, the next morning I opened up the dishwasher to grab something and half expected a roach to pop on out. But instead I saw a tiny lizard in our dishwasher! And I tried to catch that but it also popped into a crevice within the dishwasher door. Florida is full of crazy things!


(This is what happens to our car when we visit a member in the Elders’ teaching area!)

(Those are Pass-along cards, by the way!)

Anyway, on a more spiritual note, we have seen many miracles! One of the miracles I saw this week was more personal. One of my reoccurring struggles throughout my mission has been talking to everyone and getting excited during finding times. I am naturally fairly apprehensive of approaching other people. One day this week I was really struggling. I was frustrated and honestly felt so discouraged and unmotivated to work. Thankfully it was dinner time, so we headed home to eat. That’s when my miracle came. I was upset that I felt so apathetic after working so hard to be able to come back out to the mission field post-surgery. I prayed for a large portion of that hour and studied the scriptures and the aides we have been given. I prayed for a desire to find. We went back out and talked with a lady, and I wasn’t as frustrated or distracted, and I figured that would be my miracle. But then as we drove to our golden hour street, I got so excited! I couldn’t wait to knock doors and share our message with people! I found myself breaking out of crutch phrases and earnestly hoping people would answer the door. It reminded me of the truth taught in Ether 12:27: “And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.”


I am not the most humble or faithful person. I make so many mistakes. I have a long way to go, and I can’t say that I find joy all the time in talking with everyone. But Heavenly Father has given me the slightest glimpse into who I can become, and that’s enough to motivate me to keep trying.  I am thankful for this short time I have to serve God with everything I have.


Sometimes I take pictures on porches when people don’t answer their door…

I love being a missionary! I know God loves each of us so much! Please please please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you! Especially you!


Sister Tryon

PS: One of the members in my area made this Amigurumi Bear in blue overalls for my future first child:




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