The Power of the Fleeeeeep Flops

Hello Everyone!
This week has been crazy and emailing time is short since we are  having a zone pday! And I am playing volleyball a lot so my arms are  super red right now!

The title today comes from one of our  investigators who was telling us about a woman who defended herself  against an alligator with a flip flop.

This week I got to transfer back to the Fleming Island 2nd Ward!  Saying goodbye to the people I love in St. Augustine was so hard, but I also know lots of people here. So I have gotten to spend a lot of  time with the members I already know and love!

0392-third-locationSister Tryon in front in her St Augustine apartment

This was the 3rd area she served in, hence the 3 fingers held up.

We are teaching a lot  of people right now! My favorite is the W family, they are so
funny and sweet and I just love them so much!

Also, we are still teaching E, a woman I found last year here. And she came to church! Miracle!

Anyway, I am loving it here!

Sorry for the short email!


The others sisters in the district left this for us.

The caption on the pink sticky-note says “You’ll get married there someday soon.”

I love all of you!

Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!
Sister Tryon



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