If you like transfer calls at 9:00 p.m.

This week has been crazy! We have been busy and I love it!

On Tuesday we got to do some service for a member with our whole district! It was so much fun! We did a lot of work trying to find new investigators and to meet less active members this week.

On Wednesday we got to eat lunch with the Waltons! I was so excited to see them and it was wonderful to catch up!


On Thursday we had a mission zone conference, and it was wonderful! I got to see many missionaries I love, and to be spiritually strengthened and renewed! We received some pretty major changes, one of which is our schedule. So I promise I am not being disobedient and emailing early, our preparation day hours now can start as early as 8am! It is crazy awesome and I love it! We also now plan in the morning when we are more alert instead of night as we are fighting sleep, so that is already working out super well! I am also super excited about the mission theme his year, which is “One by One.” It is a focus on finding one new investigator every day, really seeking to find the one Heavenly Father is preparing to hear the gospel. We also finally got the car on Thursday (after biking in the cold for almost 2 full weeks). It has been freezing. Okay, so it’s been 33 degrees but with all the humidity and compared to the regular heat it is a stark difference!

On Friday we did a lot of planning. And we had an amazing miracle as well! In the course of 3 1/2 hours Heavenly Father blessed us to find 3 new investigators! They all seemed pretty interested, and I am so excited for them to progress!

On Saturday we had our transfer call. Sister Morrow and I were thinking maybe I would stay and train or just stay and have a new companion, or that we would both stay. Well, we were on the call and couldn’t hear anything, and the other Sisters texted us to let us know the call had started. So, with permission from our district leader, we raced over to the other Sisters apartment in our pajamas to listen to the transfer call. When it got to the St. Augustine district, I heard my name. And then Sister Morrow’s, and I sighed a huge sigh of relief that we were staying together.

AND THEN THE WORDS: “Are both being transferred out…”

There’s a huge shortage of Sisters right now (hopefully the next transfer will help with that) and so they are putting Elders in our area! So there will be two sets of Elders in our ward! Crazy! Sister Morrow is going to Arlington, and I am going to… *drumroll* ….

FLEMING ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s so unreal. I don’t know if I am going to be in first or second Ward, but I am pretty sure I am going to serve where I was trained by Sister Dixon!!! I am still in shock. So I guess y’all already know my address, assuming I am in the same ward as before. I guess you’ll know if members start sending you pictures of me automatically! We have a lot of goodbyes to say and only a couple days! I hope y’all are doing well! I love you all so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!


Sister Tryon

P. S. Pictures:

0383-pineappleWe got a pineapple and decided to start taking pictures with it to change things up

0384-pineapple-studyStudying with the pineapple


0385-trip-to-europeWe decided to go to Europe with the Pineapple… Just kidding,

I took pictures of my new Europe 2017 calendar with the pineapple.

But they look pretty decent haha.

0386-we-are-wathing-youWe went to see a member in a nursing home who lives in the Elders area.

When we got to our car we found this note from the Elders.

They called us later to ask something and they pretended to not know about it.


And they chuckled and were like “What? Well-gotta-go-see-you-later-Sisters-bye!”

0387-lunchEe went to Chilis with the pineapple.

We found out it fits in my awesome black bag and you can’t even tell.

0388-chocobulanceThank you to everyone who contributed to my “chocolate ambulance” package.

I am not sure how I will pack it for transfers hahaha.


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