“If you saw an injured possum and an injured human on the side of the road….”

Hello Everyone!

This week has been awesome! Sister Morrow is awesome and we are learning a lot about each other! I admire that she is super efficient and straightforward. She is helping me to be more bold in my missionary and other work. And we have had a lot of fun this week! We biked every day this week and it has been quite the workout. So if I am not super fit when I come home I will be super bummed. It has been fun though!

We had a lot of miracles and I will only share a couple. We went to see a potential investigator for our first lesson. His name is David. We taught him the Restoration and he agreed to baptism when he knows it is true! We were pretty excited about all of that, and then we went to try another potential of ours in the same complex. And he wasn’t home, but his cousin was and she was so interested! She had been praying for Christian friends recently, and took our showing up as a sign from God. And said that baptism had been on her mind for a while now and she really wanted it. She is so prepared for the gospel. We were so ecstatic afterwards. I have a really good feeling about her!

Another miracle has to do with ASL! The other Ward has a deaf sacrament meeting, which is awesome because the Florida School of the Deaf and Blind is here in St. Augustine! Anyway, we were walking around to knock doors, and we met a sweet deaf woman! And though I only really know the basic food signs, Sister Morrow knows much more! So we signed with her and she said that the other Sisters can come and sign with her and practice (and hopefully teach!). So that was super awesome!

Also, random thoughts/moments for the week:

  • We biked this week. A LOT. And at one point we heard and saw a HUGE dog running and barking at us. And I have never been so thankful for strong chain leashes. Otherwise my last words would have been “Gee Whillikers” and that would have been a little embarrassing.
  • We were walking through a cemetery during our lunch hour and I made a list of names I really like. And we found, within 30 feet of each other, a headstone for a “Potter” and one for a “MacGonigle.” To quote the teacher from Incredibles, “Coincidence? I think not!”
  • We had a really interesting phone call with a man on Sunday. I don’t even know how to describe it. Here are the top quotes from him:
  1. “It’s all about money, my darling”
  2. “If there was an injured possum and an injured human on the side of the road, which would you help? See, I would save the possum. Does that make me a bad person? We’re all God’s creations, my dear.”
  3. “I have a pretty open mind. I was raised in the 90’s, so…”
  4. Okay, before we meet, I need you to look up some facts for me…. First, I need you to look up the story of the lizard.”
  5. “I’m a very attractive 38 year old man… I’m a very successful chef, a very attractive man, a real catch.”
  6. “Y’all need to come visit me. I promise I’m not creepy. Like I won’t tie you up and throw you in a ditch.”

If you feel the need to assure someone that you are not creepy….. You’re creepy. In the moment we panicked, but now we are cringing/laughing so hard. Moss brain is real here.

Anyway, this week we had a lot of fun! On New Year’s Eve we got together as a district and played some games with members (like charades). Among the difficult ones were “Brigham Young” (Sister Morrow), and “Bishop” and “The Great Apostasy” for me. Thankfully my group was really good at guessing because I struggled with those two haha. Also, we did Elders versus Sisters, and they were so good! In case you’re curious, we won. Super fun! Sister Morrow and I also got a little crazy on New Year’s Eve and took a video for y’all. On New Year’s Day we got to have the traditional Southern meal: Collard greens for wealth, black eyed peas for health, and then other things (like delicious biscuits and pot roast). So it’s probably good that we were biking a lot this week.

Anyway, Happy New Year! I love all of you so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father knows and loves you!

Love, Sister Tryon


(Our Elders were short on money so they packed stuff to make PB&J at the restaurant)


And then Carlos brought them plates haha because he felt bad


These are apparently called goats heads. They get all over our bikes and over any fabric or skin. They are the worst.



New Year’s Eve Selfie



6). Our crazy New Year’s Eve celebration video


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