The Week That I Had to Loosen My Belt Two Notches

Hello Everyone!

This week has been awesome! We’ve been working hard and gearing up for the holidays! We ate so much food and my stomach still doesn’t take as  much as it used to.



(The most delicious garlic knots. Nope, that’s not just Parmesan.)

(It reminds me of Mariners games and garlic fries!) 

One small sad note is that we had four people who  have baptismal dates, but due to not being able to meet with them, we  have had to drop those dates for now. So we are hoping to set more  this week and to work with them!

Okay so I am going to be brief this week since I talked to most of  y’all yesterday.


(Christmas Day Skype)

On Wednesday we went out with Sister Fryer (Sister  Walton’s sister-in-law) and the activity day girls! And she is so  awesome! We went to the downtown area and sang a couple songs with  these three amazing girls. And then we walked down St. George Street  (shops) and they handed out cards. And I am not kidding when I say  they gave out at least 50 in that hour and a half. It was crazy and  awesome! I was so impressed by them! And by Sister Fryer for inviting  them to do that! (No pictures posted out of respect for their privacy since I have no permission from their parents to post them.)

I got to see the Gourleys on Thursday for lunch and it was the best!


(Lunch with the Gourleys)

On Friday and Saturday we spent a lot of time baking. We also went  caroling downtown in Friday and it was great! It was so full and I  loved it!  We made treats and cookies and cinnamon rolls (homemade)  and got them all wrapped up on plates for members! We went as a  district to pass them out to investigators and members and to sing to

Christmas Eve was so fun! We spent the evening with the Arnettes and  the Catos at the Arnettes’ house. We had a balloon fight and a  Syran-wrap-snowball fight  (#nosnowproblems) and played lots of fun  games and ate lots of food! Christmas was similar and so fun!  Sacrament Meeting was amazing and we got to sing! Thank you to all of  you who sent me gifts! I am working on writing and sending thank you  notes so bear with me if you get it around Easter haha.


(I took this creeper picture of an Ellison mailbox real quick)


(Gastroenterology Associates chocolate cookie from a member who works there = FUN!)

0369-harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-nope(Why the “mock” long faces? Because HP and the Half-Blood Prince is playing in the background and they have to face away from the set due to missionary media rules)


(My Mom sent me cheese and I couldn’t be more excited!)

0372 Sisters Tryon and Kilpack at the Christmas party.PNG

(From two weeks ago at the mission-wide Christmas party: reunion with Sister Kilpack)


(Sisters Tullis, Tryon and Kilpack)

I love all of you! Thank you for your examples! Please remember how  much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon


One thought on “The Week That I Had to Loosen My Belt Two Notches

  1. I hope that your Christmas was wonderful! Your grandma 3 is very tardy but I love you just as much as I were prompt! The same slow response was extended to Bryce! I am awful! I have had continued health situations and when the pressure eased up, I became like jello! We are leaving tomorrow to go to Ca. Jane is being blessed on Sunday. I can hardly wait to meet that little darling. Seems like everything is going well for you. Your smile just radiates! Your inner light is so strong that just breaks through! I love you, dear. Must go pack or else I will have just old slacks for my trip!


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