Christmas Time is Here!

Hey Everyone!

This week has been awesome!

We went out with members three times, and it was great!

Sister Morrow and I had to say goodbye to Sister Sheffield so I am still kind of sad about that. But I am so excited for her and her family!

This week we also did a ton of walking so hopefully I am in awesome shape when I get home! And I gave a talk this Sunday and had fun with that! Okay so not a ton of things to talk about as far as investigators go! But I have lots of random things that made me laugh.

We went out with a member and her kids to drop something off at a nursing home. And her daughter yelled “It smells like Aunt Janet over here!”

Another member has a convertible. You know those movies where the girls ride in the back of the car and their hair looks great? Well I found out that when you ride going anywhere between 20-65 miles an hour, your hair is a mess. A picture is included of only going 25 miles an hour. 


We headed to a member’s house to practice a song and knocked the door. When a young man answered, we were friendly, assuming it was their son. He seemed super uncomfortable. And then his boyfriend/partner came up holding a baby and looking super uncomfortable. Turns out we were one street off and the houses look the same. 

We received a referral from the Elders that said she was more interested in one of our Elders than the message. Well, we want to meet her, so Sister Morrow asked me to write a note in my best Elders handwriting a.k.a. my left hand haha. The picture is included below.


Oh! Also, we got to do lots of a Christmas caroling this week in the downtown area, as well as at nursing homes (with the YSA=I am an awkward missionary chaperone). So fun! And we got to go downtown shopping last Monday! And BETH guess what?! Dole whips. They had dole whips. I was so happy. 


Okay this is my favorite random little thing. A sister in our ward was driving us to church yesterday, and I was tiring in the back. Suddenly she looked at me in the rearview mirror and started laughing. And then she was saying that she knew my last name was two short words that go together, but couldn’t remember it. So instead of writing Sister Tryon on my card, she wrote “Sister Noway.” So now I am Sister No Way. Probably not that funny but it cracks me up!


Also, thank you to everyone who sent me things! Mom, I love your letters and the package with the heels! Cousin Rosa, the skirt is beautiful and I love it! I forgot to take a picture but next week I will! Also, to the random kind stranger who sent me four boxes of stroopwaffels… Thank you. They are delicious. Anyway, I love you all! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!


Sister Tryon


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