“Can I Have Your Snapchat?”

Hey y’all!

So my title this week comes from a classy 15 year-old who hit on Sister Morrow as we walked past. I have taken to counting the number of times people hit on us. Some are much less funny, but it happens.

This week has been so crazy! On Tuesday we had a tradeoff with the Sisters in the Bartram Trails Branch. Sister Sheffield and I got to go to Bartram to be with Sister Colson (from Palatka 2nd!). It was super fun! I love working with lots of missionaries, and it was really nice to be in a place that I am familiar with and with a Sister I know well. We did a lot of walking afterwards, since we are being put in a car share with the other Sisters!


Sister Colson, Sister Sheffield and me on our tradeoff.

On Thursday we got to have our Mission Christmas party and it was so wonderful! I got to see Sister Tullis and Sister Nish and all the Elders and Sisters I love! I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry at least three times for joy on Thursday. I have been having a semi difficult time mentally and emotionally with all the adjustments, and so it was nice to immediately fit in again and really feel like a missionary again! The skits were so funny, and the food was delicious. Sister Lee loves music, so the music devotional was gorgeous!


Our entire contingent of missionaries in the FJM


Me with Sister Nish at the Christmas party!

We planned on Friday and did a lot of walking. At least 7 miles, and a member picked us up on our way home haha. Since there are no sidewalks, and we enjoy living, we walk on the grass, which leads to tons of plants attaching to us and our tights (it was super cold this week in the evenings and I was thankful for my fleece-lined tights). I’ll include a picture! Also, I felt prompted to share a video with a homeless man outside of Walmart, and so we talked about Christ for a bit. So that was cool!


Us in our gear for walks for hours in the cold.

0352-tights-with-stickiesMy tights after walking for an hour in the grass. Never mind that I picked stuff off of them at least five times during the day.

On Saturday we got to go to Palatka to go to a caroling event! It was so wonderful to be back and to know where I was driving again! Basically, we had a spot on a path in a park, and people came through on wagons pulled by cars. They would stop and listen at each spot, and it was wonderful to spend time as a zone and to sing. We were pretty exhausted at the end, since it didn’t end until 9:30 and we still had to drive home (we had permission, don’t y’all worry).

Sunday was wonderful and we got to have a Ward luncheon together! I am slowly getting to know our members, and am excited to work hard.

Also, shoutout to the Kohagens for sending me a package of chocolates that my companions and I are working our way through. They are well-appreciated! Thank you!

Also, thank you to those who have sent sweet cards! They brighten my day! I love all of you!


Shout out to Sister Dixon, who trained me, and who also served in St. Augustine!

A small spiritual thought for the day actually comes from a member in our Ward! She was telling us how she was asked to accept a calling that she thought was impossible. One day she was praying in the Temple, listing off reasons to God why she couldn’t and shouldn’t accept the calling. As she was praying, she these words came to her mind: “You’ve given me all these reasons why you can’t. But there’s one reason why you should. It’s because I asked.” I really love that! God will ask you to do tough things because He knows it will help you. If you choose not to, He will get His task completed or message finished, but you will miss out on divine growth.

I love being a missionary. It’s super hard and it’s the best! I love you all! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon


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