First Two Days in St Augustine

Hello Everyone!

In case y’all didn’t hear, I am officially serving as a missionary again! I flew out Saturday morning to Florida and arrived in the evening! This week has been one of tons of tears and good things, so I am pretty happy. I am afraid there is not too much to say about the earlier portion of my week, other than packing a lot.

I got to go to the Temple one last time in Seattle before heading out, and it was wonderful! If y’all haven’t been to the Temple recently, go! If you are not currently worthy to go, please do all you can to go and partake of the peace and blessings that are so readily available there!

Right now, I am serving in St. Augustine. I have not seen the Wolffords and I am a teeny bit bummed about that. If you are reading this Sister Wolfford, I love y’all!

Okay, so obviously I’ve only been here for two days but it’s been super fun! I am in a trio with Sister Sheffield (who is going home in about three weeks) and Sister Morrow (who has been out for almost 4 months). They are so funny and I love it!


I am working on trying new things. So it’s been an adventure! For example, I played ultimate Frisbee this morning with our district for a group exercise and just went for it! I am still pretty terrible but I had a ton of fun!

I am super excited to be serving here! I think this is going to be an amazing transfer! Also, there are currently five baptismal dates in this area, so I am excited to help those people and to find more who are ready!

Also, there is a Sister here who has a theory about the humidity in Florida. Apparently the humidity grows moss in your brains and so they don’t work quite the same. So she calls them moss brain moments when she does silly things. I might start doing that from now on. Anyway, I am very happy. I do miss all of you a lot, but I know I need to be here.

I love you! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

So much love,

Sister Tryon



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