God Answers Knee-Mails

So I saw that on a pickup truck his week and was driving so I couldn’t take a creepy picture quickly enough… I will work on being creepier this week haha…

This week was awesome! Our zone started a Monopoly competition of sorts with different levels and requirements to pass each level/buy a property. For the first level, we had to write out 50 cards, do two nice things for our companion, and hand out 10 of the 50 cards.

We quickly achieved the first two requirements, and passed out 2 cards, but soon found that Palatka had very few people walking out and about. We decided to make it our goal to pass out the remaining 8 cards in one day, and spent two hours walking around and looking for people to give cards to. As we walked, we would occasionally both look at a house and decide to knock on it. We met many wonderful people that way, and even found a former investigator who said we could come back!

Our greatest miracle, however, is our diligence! Sister Kilpack and I are both deeply competitive about certain things (have you ever played a board game with me?).. And we both wanted to hand out ten cards as quickly as we could! We found greater motivation to talk with everyone, even when they were across a busy street or had headphones in and were looking away! We ended up knocking our last door at 9:00 p.m. that evening, desperately trying to hand out our last card! After that, however, it was time to head home for the evening.

Sadly, we went to our car and drove home. We were sad that we would have to wait until 11:00 am the next day to hand out our next card. As we prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for the miracles we had seen that day, we asked Him if there was any possible way that we could hand out our last card. The thought came to both of our minds that the member we live with has been trying to share the gospel with a friend and has not known how to start. So, at 9:15pm, we knocked on Sister Reed’s bedroom down. Unlike many others that evening, she opened up. She was delighted to receive a card and told us she would give it to her friend as soon as she saw her. It was a tender mercy of Heavenly Father that we were able to reach our goal. We grew in our desire to be diligent and had such a fun time! The night passed by so quickly! I know that as we diligently work, that we will have so much fun and we will also be successful! I am thankful for his chance to be a missionary!

Other things that happened this week… We went to the doctor’s again and had another missionary moment and explained a lot of our standards to the nurse and also talked about senior couple missions! So that was pretty awesome! I love that we get to talk to people and be examples no matter where we are!

Also, we met President and Sister Lee this week! They are so sweet and so funny! Also, President Lee has run in Iron Man races and is in the Senior Olympics and always brings home high medals. So I have a feeling that I will be working out much more now… Also singing, since Sister Lee loves music and has traveled the world for music shows for much of her life. I am really excited to work with them. They are wonderful!

And this Sunday we were privileged to have President and Sister Craig come to visit our ward with their children and grandchildren! And we had a ward Break the Fast meal after church, and it was so much fun!

Also, thank you Mom for sending me a birthday package! And for the Kohagens for sending me delicious chocolate and for the Eversoles for sending me sweet letters! And Sister Kilpack and I decided to make some cake pops with our gluten free cake mix and probably ate 1/5 of the cake pops before they were done! But we brought him the other ones to the lunch after church since there were many people who are gluten free, and they were a hit. All of us went home a little heavier.

We also had three investigators come to church on Sunday!!! It was so awesome! We were so excited and I almost punched Sister Kilpack I was so excited! This week really has been wonderful!

Love, Sister Tryon



Thank you to the Kohagens.

I should be approximately 1 pound heavier by my 20th birthday!


heart attack door.png

We heart attacked someone.

I was really excited about my drawing skills on the yellow sticky note!

(note from Sister Tryon’s Mom: the lighter smudge on said yellow note is from erasing phone # so they won’t get called by creepers!)


We hung out on P-Day with some of the other missionaries, and crowded onto a golf cart. It was pretty fun!


One thought on “God Answers Knee-Mails

  1. It is always so wonderful to read your posts, Michele. I am sure that you are a wonderful missionary and I know that you are a marvelous person. Florida is so lucky to have you! Love you more!


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