The Week That I Realized I am Speaking a Foreign Language

Hello Everyone! So I am learning more and more every day that my English is failing me and I am starting to say things like “But there are a lot many more words you can use.” Or a person speaks to us and sounds like Ray from The Princess and the Frog and I understand all of it and my trainee looks at me in bewilderment… Plus, Sister Kilpack is teaching me some ASL so that is really nice!


ray princess and the frog

Sister Kilpack and I are still having a wonderful time getting to know each other and to help each other. The work is progressing, and we are looking for new ways to find investigators who are prepared for this message. We have been working hard and want to work even smarter and harder.

So, funny things about our companionship.. Sister Kilpack isn’t a fan of rules. And I… Well… I love them! Because I really love the blessings that come from following them! Haha so we are working on compromising and helping each other to be effective missionaries! Plus, she told me that she thinks we should be companions for nine months so I would say she likes me. And she mentioned us going to New Zealand someday so I think we will be friends after the mission!

This week we had our farewell to President and Sister Craig (CRY ALL THE TEARS). Tonight around 6:45 we will have a new mission president! Kind of crazy! I am excited to see what he and his wife are like!

On Tuesday, I:

  1. helped someone to weed pineapple plants, and they fought back. I found out I am allergic to the cuts… The picture does not do them justice. My arms were red and swollen all day: it looked awful but felt fine.
  2. helped someone to lift my heavy bike and got my bike gears and chain all over my white zebra shirt, making me look like I got run over a bit…
  3. got a small cut on my forehead. So basically I was a mess on Tuesday haha but it was a busy, productive day! (see pic below)

image1 (1)

My arms one day later haha. I took some Benadryl and got a little loopy and was talking to Sister Kilpack and then looked at my arms and shouted “MY AAAARMS!” She quoted me the rest of the week haha.


One of our miracles this week actually came from the medical incident. We had to go to the doctor’s because something was wrong and we were so sad that we had to stay at the medical office for several hours instead of knocking doors and teaching our investigators! But Heavenly Father blessed us so much! Both the nurse and the Doctor who saw us asked us about our name tags and about what we were doing! We were quite happy to be able to continue to help the work move forward, even if just by example. We were even more impressed when they filled out our forms saying that we did not smoke (though they didn’t ask), simply because they knew our standards. It was pretty great!

We know that this work will move forward, and that this is God’s work! I know that everyone back home (yes, you) can do missionary work simply by living your standards and following Jesus Christ! I am thankful for the chance that I have to be a missionary and to help others to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ! I love all of you so much! Please remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Love, Sister Tryon

We went to St. Augustine today and went to the Fountain of Youth.

image4 (1)

And drank from it. Mmmmmmmmm Florida water… haha…


THE OCEAN!!! We were in a tower near the edge of the water.

image1 (2)

We can’t go into the water but we can pretend! I really miss being on the water. Nine more months to go!


image3 (1)



The peacocks on the entrance sign to the Fountain of Youth aren’t a lie. They wander the park and you can feed them.


So basically I learned that if you go to Florida, wear a skirt, and have peanuts in your hands,  you can become a Disney Princess and animals will flock to you. Even peacocks!!!



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