I Am Officially a Mom!

Hi Everyone!

This week has been overwhelming but wonderful! I love being a trainer and am learning quite a bit about myself. One thing that I am very pleased to find right now is that while I once used to despise golden hours (knocking on doors to talk to people about the gospel), I am actually finding them to be somewhat enjoyable now! I never thought that would happen! I think it’s because I have to be a positive example, and as a result I am pumping myself up for them. I would say that is a huge miracle this week! I am now striving to be even more diligent and hard working so that I can help my new companion to grow and have the kind of example that Sister Dixon gave to me! I love being a trainer, though I know I am far from perfect. I am thankful for this opportunity!

We are working on finding people who are ready to progress right now! We set a tentative baptismal date with one of our investigators for July 30th! Hopefully that happens! We also are working more on getting members to come out with us so we can help our investigators to progress! So if the missionaries ask you to come with them, definitely do what you can to go with them! It will be worth it!

Anyway, Sister Kilpack and I are getting along well! Apparently her mom knows Sister Tullis’s mom… Crazy! Also, my companion is gluten free soooooo I am quickly eating all the bagels to help her haha… And baking less… I love being a trainer, and love being a missionary! I hopey’all remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Much love,

Sister Tryon



I made crêpes for Sister Tullis.

I actually didn’t have a crêpe recipe yet

but remembered that they had flour and milk and some sugar and salt

and kind of just tried and it worked!

Pretty happy about that!


 Sister Tullis loves crêpes haha

image3 (1) 

Mmmmmm. Selfies while it is super hot, and you are covered in a

perfume of bug spray, sunscreen, and that inner glow (aka sweat).


 Sister “R” taught us how to pose, so I tried it 🙂


Classic candid of us with the “E”s (minus Brother “E”)

0268 dinner at Eckharts day before transfer

Same evening at the “E”s having dinner the night before Transfer Day


image1 (2)

Me and my new trainee Sister Kilpack!

 image2 (1)

She and I decided to roast marshmallows on the electric stovetop.

It worked super well!

image3 (2)

 Thanks, Mom, for my favorite flowers! I don’t know if I will ever not love sunflowers!


We were so excited all week to open our greenie package this Monday.

We were not disappointed.

Thanks, Mom!


We leave sticky notes everywhere for members/investigators.

Sister Kilpack took a picture of me writing those.

Also, please note how tan my arms look (the bug spray only enhances the look haha)



These flowers make our whole room so much more beautiful!


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