Guess Who’s Going to be a Mom?

Hello Family! This week has been quite an eventful one!

0264 You will be shot!

No, we did not go anywhere near this, but we DID take a picture!!!!

 We received our transfer call: Sister Tullis will be going  to Brunswick, Georgia, and I will be staying in Palatka! I was not expecting that!

Also folks, it’s been about nine months since I’ve been out… And I’m going to be a mom! (“Coincidence, I think NOT!” ~The Incredibles).

I’m training this transfer! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh crazy life! What is happening?!

(And explanation of the above from Sister Tryon’s mom: In mission jargon, a sister missionary trainer is a “Mom” to the new missionary arriving from the Missionary Training Center.)

Sister Tullis and I have been loving every minute together and are sad to be going separate ways. We will still be planning our road trip together to see everyone/go to the Temple/go to Disney… It may just have to wait a while. But I do love this Sister! Georgia is lucky to have her! We both feel that this is the right thing but are both really learning to rely on the Savior in a new way.

I am excited to be a trainer! And also kind of terrified. I am sure that is much like parenthood in real life, but with more set rules so it is probably actually easier than regular parenting.

I know that Jesus Christ will help me and whomever I end up training. My prayers have become much more intense, pleading for the strength and help I need to take care of this precious new Sister. I am excited to meet her and am praying for her already.

We had many miracles this week! One of them is RB (whom one of the assistants to President apparently taught previously!). We have been trying to help her feel comfortable with baptism and she has kept having slight disagreements. This past week we invited her to simply ask God if it was true, and if the Book of Mormon was true.

When we met with her this week, she told us that she had done exactly as we said, and had asked. She said He told her it was true, and described the voice of the Spirit to her! It was an incredible experience! She said she still wants to pray about baptism but seemed more willing than before.

Unfortunately, immediately after, her husband and his friend came in and started wanting to talk about the Bible and refused to let us speak. We tried over and over again to interject and they seemed determined to stay. RB stood up for us and told them to leave if they weren’t willing to listen. The Spirit told us to leave, so we excused ourselves and left.4

Though we did not set a baptismal date with her this week, it was a tender mercy that one of our investigators finally was willing to ask God, and of course received the answer that it was true! I am so excited to set a baptismal date with her this week! RB is amazing! Being a missionary is amazing!

Also, we have one investigator who we see all the time! Her name is L. She is the one we met at Walmart and who came to church. And we see her everywhere.

A Few Examples:

  1. We go to Huddle House for lunch. Backing out of parking lot, and BOOM there’s L!
  2. We bike to a random street and look up a block and BOOM, there’s L!
  3. We go to her house to see her and she isn’t there. We walk back to our car parked a block away, and BOOM, there she is!
  4. We go to an investigator’s house and teach them. We walk towards our bikes after the appointment, and guess who else we see? L!


It is crazy! We are starting to have an L count of the many times that we have seen her. We are probably up to nine or so in the past month, just from randomly bumping into her.  Crazy!

I love all of you so much! I am thankful for this chance that I have to be a missionary!

Please remember how much your Father in Heaven loves you!

And also please pray for me and for the Sister I will be training! We will probably both need patience and I could definitely use some prayers.

Love, Sister Tryon

0266 with Sister Eckhart

Sister Tullis and I out with Sister D. E.

(picture posted with permission from D.E)

0267 Florida Brat

A special picture taken for our favorite postmistress at our favorite Bartell location

She always called Sister Tryon a brat, so she just HAD to send this just for Anna R!


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