Jubilee June

Hello Everyone!

Our Bishop decided that we should just continue Miracle May throughout the year. So he dubbed June “Jubilee June” (: Also, so I taught Sister R (the lady with whom we live) how to make cake pops a week or so ago. And then she got so excited and bought tons of cake mix and frosting and has been making them ever since. So delicious. And she tells everyone that she lives with a baker (Because Rachel and I do “bakery” every once in a while).

Also, a member had me sing for her and her husband, and then they told me I should be a Disney Princess voice sooo… That was kind of neat.

This week we had interviews with President Craig! My heart was breaking because I love him and Sister Craig so much, and these were our last interviews before we get our new mission president! Ahh I love them so much.

We talked a lot about the new policy with clothing (I can now wear a hat if I would like… Soooo I will probably not but I WILL wear sunglasses while tracting! Hooray! We also watched a lot of funny videos about bicycle and car safety, including one with Matt  Meese from Studio C *cries with joy*! I was pretty excited! It was overall just a wonderful day!

This week has been full of little miracles. One of them is L (the Walmart lady!). Sister Tullis and I were determining where we wanted to eat lunch, and spontaneously chose Huddle House (neither of us had ever been). And we ate a wonderful lunch, and Sister Tullis started backing me. As she was backing me, she felt prompted to look up at a person who was walking nearby. And it was L!!! Heavenly Father has had us run into her so much lately! Though she is currently not progressing, He has made sure we have been having more contact than we have planned!

It has been so crazy! We have seen so many miracles with Mighty Miracle May! Though we did not have a baptism on the 28th, we have seen so many miracles in our work! I am afraid we don’t have as much time because we are going to a festival later today! And we will be too to St. Augustine next week!!! Ah I am so excited! I LOVE sightseeing!

Also! We found out this week that we are going to be put into a car share with the other Sisters. So I am going to start biking again! Which means I will probably start fitting better into my clothing again! Haha so that will be an adventure! I LOVE biking and am so excited! I love all of you so much!

Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Love, Sister Tryon

image1 (4)

I decided to polish our shoes this week. Lesson learned, if your shoes look dead, polish them and voila! They look good again! By the way, the left shoes are polished and the right shoe of each pair is not. Shoe polish=magic

image3 (1)

We walked out of our garage and Sister Tullis had something on her shoe (cobweb?). So she shook her shoe, and suddenly she saw this little head. And it was a snake. And about 2 feet from her. So now we reminisce about that time at a snake almost ate her. Anyway, I took a picture because I was excited!


I tried to take a snake selfie but it’s mostly just me… sorry…


I pulled over and took this picture of someone’s yard.

Addendum from Sister Tryon’s mom, Many of you readers have asked what to send Sister Tryon for her birthday, which is coming up on July 16th. I emailed her this question as to what are the best treats to send to her, and she sent this answer:

“Okay, my shoes are holding up pretty well! I polished them the other day and they were basically the same! It was great! And haha let’s see… In order to produce the least  skinny Sister Tryon and Sister Tullis, we enjoy:
  • Dried fruit (especially Costco MANGO, craisins, pineapple, and Banana chips). I love dried fruit because it can be expensive to buy every week and it doesn’t go bad and is easy to snack on…
  • Beef jerky
  • Definitely those delicious Brookside chocolate covered berry thingies. Any and all of them haha.
  • Any good chocolate, especially dark or milk with caramel
  • Nutella
  • Pretzels
  • OH  tortilla chips! They don’t have the Juanitas kind here or the delicious multigrain “food should taste good kind”! I love those haha!
Thank you!
Also, the Eversoles wrote me and I don’t have time to write back but I love them and will get back eventually!
Safest address to send those to, since she has a transfer coming up on June 14th, and might get sent to a different location is:

Sister Michelle Rose Tryon

Florida Jacksonville Mission

8663 Baypine Rd, Suite #102

Jacksonville, FL, 32256





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