The Week With All the Blessings

Hello Everyone!

This week has been amazing!

We had a Zone Conference this week, which means we meet with missionaries from two zones (about 1/3 of our missionaries) and with President and Sister Craig! Which also meant that I got to see the Sisters from Fleming Island (including Sister Nish who is now serving where I was “born”). I love her!

Tryon, Nish and Tullis laughs

(Sisters Tryon, Nish and Tullis)

We enjoyed Zone Conference so much, and were able to receive so much guidance for our work! And it was so fun to get to know other missionaries and eat delicious chicken enchiladas and chips and salsa and take home lots of leftovers! I really miss eating at Agave and crying because I scooped a couple tablespoons of green salsa onto my chip. So it was a tender mercy that we had that delicious kind of food!

tryon, Nish and Tullis smiles

And they also sang happy birthday to me and some other missionaries (since the next Zone Conference will not be until August when we will have President and Sister Lee). So I got Mexican food, cake, ice cream, fruit, and SO MUCH PERSONAL REVELATION and I was so happy and it was the “BEST DAAAAAAAY EEEEEEE-VERRRRRRRRR” (I don’t usually quote Spongebob but this is an exception). I love Zone Conferences!

And Sister Tullis and I were also blessed to have a tradeoff with our Sister Training Leaders! So we were able to work hard for our goals and to also have that additional guidance. While in Bartram Trails with them, we:

1). Caught frogs and took a picture with one

2). Saved a turtle on a highway where people go 40mph. My companion screamed and slowed down and turned around and we put on our hazards and then ran when it was clear to pick up this turtle and run it to the grassy side far away from the road. It was pretty fun!

3). A member gave me a bag of delicious grapes and I almost cried forjoy. I love fruit!

4). Heavenly Father loves me so much that He gave me opportunities to work on my goal of being positive! It was awesome! I love being a missionary!

5). A member in their ward ordered us Italian food for dinner. So I ate a delicious, joy-filled Cannoli. It reminded me of when we traveled to visit Mamie and Papy and ate mostly delicious-looking pastries for lunch every morning and lunch. I again almost cried for joy.

6).  My companion and Sister Malm were walking, and saw lanterns like in Tangled, and then saw fireflies like in The Princess and the Frog, so basically they are Disney princesses! Tender mercies.

7). My companion went to a BBQ place with one of our Sister Training Leaders (Malm) and brought me back some DELICIOUS PULLED PORK AND HEAVENLY BARBECUE SAUCE AND MAC AND CHEESE. Yes please. Sister Tryon heaven right there, during the tradeoff where I ate all the foods!!!

But wait, there are more blessings for this week!

Our miracle this week is that we found a family! We recently found a man named “G” during one of our golden hours, and he said we could come back at a later date. We decided to bring a member with us to his appointment, and he let us right in! As we began getting to know him and doing some how to begin teaching, he told us that he wants to be baptized! And then his wife got home and joined our lesson! We taught the Restoration to them and invited them to be baptized! “G” said yes, and “K” is not sure yet. They said we are welcome back and set a return appointment. They have three children, at least one of whom is baptismal age! And they do not drink or smoke, and are concerned with the conditions of the world regarding the immorality that is prevalent in shows their children might be exposed to. They are just about living the standards, and we are so excited! Sister Tullis and I both feel so strongly that they will be our next baptism! We were so happy, and basically started planning to come to their sealing in about a year and a month or so. I am so excited to see how they progress!

If there is something I am learning this week, it is that Heavenly Father loves us so much and will always help us! Righteous living brings blessings! It in no way promises that we will not suffer or have struggles, because that is one of the blessings of mortality. BUT when we are keeping the commandments of God and following his counsel to live righteously, we will have the blessings and strength we need to face them! If you set a righteous goal, Heavenly Father will help you and give you so many opportunities to choose to achieve it! That’s why people tell you to be careful what you pray for (e.g. Praying for patience and then having eight children *ahem* Mother Dearest).

I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love all of you so much!

Please remember (or learn about) how much your Father in Heaven loves you!!!

Love, Sister Tryon

PS: I didn’t get the pictures of me with the Sister Training Leaders, or me with the frogs, maybe next week (:

PPS: Also, we were reminded that we cannot post pictures if it includes more than just me unless we have permission from the other person in the picture. So like with big zone or district pictures we probably can’t post, but ones with me or one Sister are probably fine!


One thought on “The Week With All the Blessings

  1. Thank you so much for the blog! I just got called to this mission and have been scouring the internet to find out more about it. I had a question about this picture: how can they wear cardigans when everyone is telling me heatstroke is Florida’s middle name? Are they worth bringing anyway?


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