Miracles and Tender Mercies

This week has been wonderful! Mighty Miracle May is amazing!

This week we had a wonderful Zone Meeting and I learned a lot about things I can do to become better! One thing I loved was from Sister Aure (sounds like “R-E”), our new Sister Training Leader. She was talking about our thoughts, and how our thoughts lead to our actions. When we think a thought, we are planting a seed. When we say it out loud, we water the seed. The more we think and dwell on it, the more it grows. So be careful what you think and say. If you have a bad thought, replace it with something else. Don’t dwell on the negative things in life, or you will reap negative things. Basically, be careful what things in your life you plant and water. It’s a lot easier to pull out a small weed than it is to pull out a tree that has grown strong roots.

Anyway, she was talking to us about our thoughts as missionaries. You would think that as missionaries, we don’t have to worry about bad thoughts, and for the most part, that is true! But we do need to worry about getting distracted from the work! If we are knocking doors and doing missionary things, but only thinking of our favorite song or family member, we will be distracted. If we are out teaching but have a negative attitude, it will not help our work. The bottom line is that if our thoughts are inconsistent with our current desires and actions, we will not be very happy.

I have become much more aware of my thoughts this week because of this. While it is wonderful to think about the positive things back home (e.g. family, family memories, holding babies, hiking, and a multitude of other things), they don’t contribute to my purpose right now, so it is not necessary to dwell on them! Yes, I love all of those things and miss them, but I ultimately came here to bring others unto Christ and to help them to make their first covenants with God. I am so thankful that I get to do this and to serve the Lord with ALL my heart, might, mind, and strength! I love being a missionary!

Anyway, other things that happened this week… We helped one of our investigators to move. She’s still in our ward, just in the Elders’ area. And she came to church, all three hours! It was the best! She really liked it, and we were just so happy! I love when people can feel the Spirit at church! Ahh it’s the best!

And we taught some other lessons this week, and things are going well! We helped a returning less active member to rearrange her living room before we taught her a lesson. And let me just say, that was a stress I haven’t had in a while haha. It was fun, but stressful because it wasn’t my furniture or my house. It ended out looking pretty good, she just wanted us to decide how her living room looked like, and had us rearrange the furniture until we all liked it. So basically I either need to study home decorating and room arranging, or I need to marry an interior designer hahaha. We’ll see how that goes in at least, oh sometime after 10 months when I get home. So crazy! Ahhhhhhh I don’t want to think about it, I am going to be a missionary “FOR-E-VER” (to be read in Brother Calvert’s voice when he quotes “The Sandlot”). Seriously, I don’t know if I say it enough, I love being a missionary! If you are not sure if you want to go on a mission, consider it. It has been one of the greatest blessings in my life!

This week has been full of so many miracles! But because I have already typed quite a bit, I will include a couple videos. Sister Tullis and I recorded our miracles the night they happened, and so it is much more exciting. Plus, you get to see our faces, and we sound like the same person so it’s pretty fun! My favorite is the face Sister Tullis pulls at the end when I talk about pita bread (I was kind of quoting Meg from Hercules but I also just love pita bread. She puts up with me haha I love her!).

Also, Sunday was so crazy! I am not sure if I have ever been so thankful for the peace that comes from Sacrament meeting or from partaking of the Sacrament. It was honestly quite possibly the highlight of my week, other than the devotional that evening. There was a “Why I Believe” devotional at the Stake Center, and we could only go if one of our investigators came (so basically a new member/missionary fireside like in the Washington Seattle Mission, except only 2 converts spoke). The band “Firefly” came and played some songs and bore their testimonies, because one of the members served her mission in our mission a year ago.

And President Craig also bore his testimony and invited the entire congregation to pray and ask God if this was true. And then he invited everyone who was not a member to be baptized when they know it is true. It was so powerful!

One of Sister Tullis’ investigators from her last area got baptized a couple weeks after she came here to Palatka, and he spoke at the devotional! It was so amazing! I was crying for her.

ALSO! Since this was an event for the surrounding stakes, some of the members from Fleming Island were there! So I got to see Sister Walton and Sister Sims and Sister Hatfield were there! And guess who else I saw?!? My last ward mission leader and his wife (Brother and Sister Wolfford) were there!!! And ahhhhh I love them so much and so I hugged Sister Wolfford and started crying and shook Brother Wolfford’s hand many times. I just love them and their family so much! It truly was a tender mercy for me. Honestly, that was the biggest highlight of my week, followed by Sacrament meeting, followed by all the other miracles and tender mercies we have seen. I am so thankful for the chance I have to be a missionary! I love it!

0225 picture from sister Walton

Sister Tryon with Sister Walton

0229 wolffords

Sister Tryon with the Wolffords


And the picture is blurry, it’s almost like someone took a picture using

my eyes full of happy tears…

I was so happy!

More photos:

0226 dove 1

So we bought some Dove chocolate last week, and I love smoothing them out and looking at the cute messages. But they are kind of apostate for a missionary…

0227 dove 2

“FALSE. Go to bed at 10:30” (to be read in Dwight’s voice from the Office)

0228 temperature

101 degrees Farenheit according to the dashboard thermometer…

It’s not even July or August yet….

Please pray for my white skin to not be a lobster…

0230 sunset

The sunset as we were driving over the bridge going home from the devotional.

Yes, I want to paint it / have a picnic / go kayaking, but that OK, those things can wait!

Don’t worry, Sister Gourley was driving, not me!

I am so thankful for all the tender mercies God has given us!

The picture doesn’t even do it justice!

 I love all of you so much! PLEASE remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!


Sister Tryon


One thought on “Miracles and Tender Mercies

  1. It is wonderful to read the messages that you have written. I am so glad to read that you like your mission. That is the same sentiment expressed by my grandson! Many, many people taught me. It took awhile for me to be ready for baptism.. In that sense I am sure that I disappointed many people.My parents friends were Mormon. While my parents didn’t join, on this earth, these friends helped to lay the groundwork for my parents which made them comfortable to have me take the discussions. My dad had a boss in Spokane who was in the stake presidency. More ground work. More comfort. I had a close friend in the ward and she and her family fellowshipped me so well. Mom worried that I would join and then not hold on. Eventually, I did join. My little non member mom was so supportive of me and my activity in the church. A few years after my mom died, we did the temple work for several members in my family. I was proxy for my mom and I could feel her excitement and happiness. I truly wanted to high five everybody in the temple! I expect that you have had many people receive your instruction and support. I also expect the you have laid the groundwork and given support to others. Down the road they will have the chance to augment the understanding that you and your companions have helped to cultivate. May many blessings come your way.

    We are doing ok here. I have had some scares health wise this year. I have been grateful for blessings and friendships. Tender mercies, to be sure! Bill has had some setbacks but things seem to be progressing. We go to his dr. tomorrow.
    Well, I guess that I should close for now. Love you Sister Granddaughter! Oh, could I have the address of your mission home and the address where you live? Is there something that you need? Want? Crave?


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