This week was so crazy! Sister Tullis and I were determined that we were going to reach all of our goals, and we were so diligent! We ended up not having anyone come to church, but we invited at least 13 people so…. Other people have their agency! And we ended up teaching 24 lessons this week! And we found 7 new investigators! It was so crazy! It was awesome! I love teaching people!

We found the Tower of Terror…. and took a selfie with it. Can you guess how hot it is yet down here?


Also! I got to sing at the Bostwick Blueberry Festival! It was so fun!


We tried gator tail (it tastes like chicken nuggets)!

0220 gator tail

And bought 2.5 pounds of blueberries… Yum… And we found Grumpy, but he did not seem as happy to see us as we were to find him 😦

0219 grumpy

Later, I was asked if I wanted to sing any more songs, but I didn’t have any prepared so…. I was asked to sing at a festival in a few weeks! So that is exciting! I will have to prepare more for then haha. And a cute older lady gave me a hug after I sang! I love people!

And we got boiled peanuts (aka “bulled peanuts” aka “redneck caviar” haha). And then we forgot to eat them and then fasted all of Sunday and then ate some Sunday night and they were significantly less good haha. But still good. I love the South. As is slowly becoming apparent by my gradual (haha) weight gain in the face and in my skirts haha.

boiled peanuts

And we had our transfer call! SISTER TULLIS AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER THIS UPCOMING TRANSFER! So I am pretty excited about that! We are loving Palatka together! And I am struggling to remember what else happened haha so miracles are real! This week was full of them!

0217 waterfront

Also, CARRIE WAS BAPTIZED!!! It was such a sweet baptism! She was so cute and I just love her so much! Guess who criiiiiieeeed? Yeah it was me.. It was a powerful spiritual experience! I am so thankful for my baptism when I was younger, and am so thankful for the chance I have to help others to enter the waters of baptism! Being a missionary is the best!

0218 Carrie's baptism

I’m excited to talk to y’all next week (She gets to Skype home on Mother’s Day)! So weird! Please think of questions in case I forget words haha. Please.

I love all of you!

Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Love, Sister Tryon



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