Have you found my special person yet?

We have seen so many miracles this week, but my favorite is Sister “P”. She is the Sister of the member of the Church with whom we live, Sister “R”, and she lives in a home she is fixing up. We stopped by her home and were talking to her, and asked if she would be willing to have an investigator in her home so they could feel the Spirit. SHE WAS SO BEYOND EXCITED. She wants to go out with us and we said we want to find the right person, and have her come with us to teach them when we do. Her excitement makes ME excited to find someone for her! Sister Tullis and I are going to start to say “For ‘P’!” when we are having a hard time getting motivated to have a Golden Hour.

I love working with members. I love being a missionary! This week we worked hard to set apart time to find new investigators. And on Sunday, “P” followed up with us and asked, “Have you found my special person yet?!” We are going be praying mightily this week to find someone who needs to hear her testimony and whom we will be able to help enter the waters of baptism! In other things, this week we have been blessed so much! We are working hard and I cannot believe that our transfer call is this Saturday! WHAT?! I feel as though Sister Tullis and I just got together a couple of weeks ago! I love her so much and REALLY hope that we get to stay together this upcoming transfer! I think we are going to be lifelong friends and go to Disney together and have fun when I get home from the mission. She is awesome! And we are helping each other to grow in so many different ways! I know that Heavenly Father is in the details and that HE will let President Craig know what is best.

Also, if the rest of the transfers go by this quickly, I feel as though I will be home in an instant. I am about 7 months out now, and I feel as though I have been out for 3. Crazy. I love being a missionary! Other things this week, someone told me that they wish I was their sister. And Sister Tullis and I were like, “Well we’re all children of God so…… We kind of are.” She really liked that. I am loving the people here in Palatka. I feel as though I really am supposed to be here to touch the lives of specific individuals, and I am so thankful that they get to touch my life as well. This week we also put on a movie night, and showed “Meet the Mormons.” If you are Mormon, watch it. If you are not, watch it. It’s so good! It goes through the lives of members of our church all around the world, and clarifies a lot of things that we believe, including references in pop culture that just aren’t true. I loved watching it with our ward members! Watching the missionary mom one made me cry though. I had forgotten what it felt like to open my missionary call, and all the feelings I had had on that day when I was surrounded by people I love. It made me realize that I have been in the mission field for almost 7 months now! That is so unreal! I only get 11 more months? What? It is a huge bag of mixed emotions. I obviously miss home a lot, but I also feel like I am going to be a missionary forever and that I would be okay with that. Please pray for me. This week we found 5 New Investigators, and we are so excited to continue to meet with them and share the Restored Gospel with them and their families! And we are working hard to take members out with us to teach! I cannot even begin to explain what a difference the members of the Church make. When people meet with us, they can think we are just spouting out a rehearsed script instead of sharing the most precious thing we have! They may think this is a forced thing, and that it is not important! But when members can come and share their testimony of how the gospel has blessed their life and the lives of their family members, our investigators actually listen.

I guess it’s like foreshadowing for parenting: As a parent, you can teach the same thing 20 times and it will go over your child’s head. But if a friend or other leader says it once, it suddenly strikes that child as worth thinking about. I guess missionary life is truly preparing me to be a better wife, mother, and disciple of Jesus Christ. But no getting trunky! I am thankful for this chance that I have to devote all of my time and all of my attention to serving the greatest Master, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to be able to bear His name on my name tag everywhere I go, every day. A woman we met this week pointed to our name tags and said “Oh, that’s nice. I like that… I like that.” I am already anxious for the day that I will have to take off my name tag and go back to my regular life which I also love and miss. Oh how I love being a missionary! Also, last week someone said these quotations and they really struck me: 1). “If it seems like it’s taking forever, that’s because it’s supposed to last forever.” (Something our Bishop’s son and 2nd counselor) heard and shared with us) 2). “My life is like a pair of shoes- it’s meant to be worn out.” (Spencer W. Kimball)

Oh! I almost forgot! So last week I sang ” Come Unto Christ” in Sacrament Meeting (and if you haven’t watched the music video of that on gospel library or lds.org, please repent and watch it (: Because it is so good). Anyway, our ward clerk MC’s for a local radio station. He told us yesterday that he is going to MC for the Bostwick Blueberry Festival (something that Sister Tullis and I wanted to go to because we love farmers markets… And talking to all the people…). And he said that they have a spot when people sing gospel songs, and that he wants me to sing “Come Unto Christ” at the festival! WHAT?! That would be so fun! Plus all those people could see our name tags and not think “Wow are those the people who knock on my door?” Instead, they’d be like, “Wow they really love Jesus Christ, maybe I’ll talk to them some day.” So that would be a huge missionary opportunity! So if it all goes well, we will be able to go and talk to a lot of people and help prepare them to meet with future missionaries! Ahhhhhh I love being a missionary!

That’s all for this week! I hope you are all doing well! I love you all so much! Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Love, Sister Tryon


P. S. We are awful at pictures but ah.. We took a picture of a turkey vulture (otherwise known in some places as a turkey buzzard)… All I could think of was Ice Age 3 and their “Food” song haha… (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUEu4r3cW8U)


And we have some old pictures of crossing a bridge…


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