I Love Palatka

Hello Family!

This week we worked hard and had a lot of fun! Today is Zone P-Day and I just played Kickball and Whiffle all so I don’t have too much time to email. Sister Tullis and I had so many lessons this week! We taught, excluding lessons taught to active members, at least 19 lessons! It was so fun!

We saw so many miracles this week! One of them is “B”! I wrote about her last week. We came by to talk to her and she let us in her home for the first time (we have always sat in her backyard). It turns out, she received a copy of the Book of Mormon so long ago that she doesn’t remember the missionaries whose names are written inside of it! It was an earlier edition with a different introduction (a few words have been changed). We were able to answer so many of her questions and to read through the introduction with her. At the end, we felt prompted to sing a song we would be performing at a baptism that evening (“Come Unto Christ”). The Spirit was so strong, and she even started singing along with us at the end. It was such a tender experience! She even admitted that she would one day have to go to church. We offered a church tour, and she said that might be nice. We will see how she progresses! She is so wonderful! I love being a missionary!

Also, “E”, the Elders’ investigator, got baptized this week! She was so sweet! We helped her after to grab her towels and stuff, and she just kept saying “Oh thank you Jesus, thank you!” And I almost started crying because she is truly so amazing and so thankful to be
baptized! I love her! And the Elders asked me a day before to sing a song at her baptism so I was able to sing “Come Unto Christ” to her! It made me cry at the end, and everyone was in tears because that song is so amazing and I love it! And then our Bishop pulled me aside after and told me I would be singing in Sacrament haha. Secretly (but not so secretly) I love singing in Sacrament. This Ward has been very good to me in letting me sing. Also… I didn’t record either of them because it was last minute and I didn’t want to take a video in Sacrament meeting. Just look up the Come Unto Christ video. And cry. And then watch it again and cry again and then eat brownies and read your scriptures and pray. I love the gospel!

That’s just about it for this week! The lady we live with went to Time Out for Women and got a cd signed by David Archuleta for Sister Beach. And so we didn’t have a member, or a dog, or a baby to come home to for a couple days. We were so sad. Especially because we love watching the baby she takes care of, he is so darling and is learning to walk right now.

ALSO!!! So the first day that Sister Reed was at Time Out for Women, we woke up at 6:25 as usual. And we got ready to go on a run in the morning. And we unlocked the two door locks to open the front door. AND THEN the biggest spider I have yet seen viciously scuttled  away from my hand and we proceeded to try to kill it for the next half hour of our exercise. It was quite the battle. We ended up flipping the dining room table upside down, found out that the whole height of it was hollow and that the spider was inside, and then waited. We put a plate over most of the top and debated on what to do. And as we were about to take off the plate to kill it, it scuttled out of the hollow base and scuttled around and we both freaked out. It was probably a little over 2 inches in diameter. And eventually we got the ant spray and I warrior sprayed it for probably 15 seconds before we both started choking on the ant (and apparently people) poison spray. And then Sister Tullis smashed it with a spatula (which we washed REALLY well) for good measure. So that was adventurous. It took us a whole half hour to trap, kill, and dispose of a terrifying spider. And I am
now hearing that they have banana spiders here which are huge and eat the mosquitoes. So that was an adventure haha.

I love all of you! Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon

0196 C who is getting baptized April 30
Us with “C”, who is getting baptized on the 30th

0197 Callie's 4 year old brother tried to take a selfie
Her little brother tried to take a selfie haha he is four years old

0198 visitor
A previous Sister came back with her family to show them around the mission. This was her last area. She was so cute! We sang Called to Serve and she started crying and it was a sweet moment. (From left: Sister Mitchell, Sister Jaime Klepfer, Me, Sister Tullis, Elder
Hopkin, Elder Mann, Elder Leota, and Elder Wardle)

0199 BIG spider
A really awful picture of the spider that scuttled away from the lock I had just unlocked…

0200 Elders wrote this before correlation meeting
Our Elders wrote this before our correlation meeting haha. Combined, we have about 3-4 baptisms this month!

0210 Selfie time
We took a selfie by a lake that apparently has an otter. We have heard it but haven’t spotted it yet.


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