It’s the Bible girls!!

So this week we went knocking and we met these really cute kids who were catching lizards. We asked if it would be okay if we could knock on their door and they were so excited! And then they asked us what we were doing, and we told them we were talking to people about Jesus Christ! So they told us that we should knock on their neighbor’s door and ran and knocked on it for us! And then, when he saw us and all these kids, they were like “Hello Mr. A! We thought you would like to meet these people. It’s the Bible Girls!” So cute. And he was interested! So sweet! They also let us hold the little lizards they caught, and we were going to take a picture with lizards on our fingers, but then their parents pulled up and walked into the house. And we suddenly felt really creepy because they were looking at lizards with their kids. So we left haha but they were such sweet kids! Their parents said we could come back so maybe one day we’ll get lizard pictures!

This week has been amazing! I am so thankful for the huge spiritual recharge I was able to have from General Conference! I have decided that General Conference is the missionary equivalent of the Super Bowl. But better. I was able to receive so many answers about my future and my current struggles and I am so thankful to be able to hear from our beloved Prophet and Apostles twice a year! I especially loved Elder Holland’s talk on taking it home with us. I am realizing more and more that I just want to be a missionary for a long time, but I realize that I do one day have to go home. I just really love being a missionary!

This week we were able to see many miracles! One of them came from diligence. Sister Tullis and I were far behind on our goals, even though we had been trying hard to reach them all week. On Sunday we were far behind to the point of not having reached even one of our goals. We determined that it was better to get 1/9 than almost all of them. Before and between sessions of Conference, we were determined to reach our goals and were pushing ourselves like I never have to reach them. When we did, we were able to teach “E”, a woman we had met once before. At first we thought she wasn’t interested, but then she explained that she really wanted to watch the Restoration Movie and was so excited to learn about it. She said she is really seeking to know the truth! And she told us that she had had a dream once, when she was standing “in a white cathedral, in a white dress” and told us how excited the Elders she had once met with were when she told them and how they showed her pictures of Temples. So she might be elect. It was a huge miracle. We will be stopping to to see her again!

We also taught “C. S.” this week and that was a lot of fun! She is the cutest! I just love her so much! She came to Conference on Sunday and fell asleep during one of the talks (but she is also nine and stayed awake for the rest so… Awesome!). She is so sweet. I want to adopt her as another little sister. She told us that we are her best friends and my heart melted just a little bit. Also, we were helping her mom out at her house, and her little brother got a little sick and his hot dog didn’t want to stay down apparently. We felt bad because C’s mom is pregnant and nobody should have to smell that. So we cleaned it up. Actually, Sister Tullis was supportive as I cleaned it up. Needless to say, I became about 3x less trunky about having a family of my own haha. I love tough things!

Not much else happened his week… Sister Tullis and I got some awesome nightgowns last week. Mine is a red Marvel one and hers is a Batman one and we love wearing them haha. We also went on a “hike” with the Sisters in our Zone today, so I got to see Sister Beach! We went to the Ravine Gardens and took a few pictures! It was fun to be out in nature and not playing ultimate Frisbee for the 15th time. Also, Sister Tullis and I got really into volleying a volleyball together to the point of my laughing so hard I almost fell over. We have had a lot of fun! We laugh a lot and work hard. I really do love this Sister!

That’s all for his week! I love you all! Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!


Sister Tryon

0184 hanging bridge

We took a picture on a swinging bridge! We are in the sun and the shade and suuuuuuuper white and washed out…


We found a neat log!

0186 slippery hike

Sister Grissom (upper right) started slipping so I started laughing because I am an awful person.

0187 I swear we're not that creepy!

What we sometimes feel like when we knock doors and people act like we’re creepy….


2 thoughts on “It’s the Bible girls!!

  1. I loved reading your message. Conference was wonderful and I found myself reflecting on times when I was an investigator and a new member. I am so grateful for the missionaries who taught me and the members who reached out to Me when I was such a new member. I know that you are a wonderful missionary and am so very proud of you. I love you! Grandma 3 (T!)


  2. I love hearing Sister Tryon’s adventures! She writes just as she talks, which is delightful. Thank for the spiritual recharge!


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