Silly Rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!

The title of today’s blog was from a church sign we saw while driving the other day. It made me smile. It’s pretty accurate haha.

This week has been amazing! Saying goodbye to Sister Beach was really hard. I think sometimes you don’t realize how much you love someone until you have to say goodbye. Thankfully she is still in my Zone so I can still see her at Zone Conference. I miss her, but it’s okay.

0180 service at Sister Eckhardt's home

Serving at Sister E’s house with Sister Beach

0179 Sister Beach saying goodbye to Debbie and kids

Sister Beach saying goodbye to recent convert D and her kids.

We’re not bawling our eyes out…

0178 Anna, Alyssa, Sister Beach and Sister Tryon

With Twins A and A

Sister Tullis and I have been having such a good time together! We laugh a lot and are getting to know each other’s teaching styles. I seriously love her. She served with Sister Nish (LOVE HER), and also with Sister Clay in Fleming Island 1st Ward when I was in Fleming Island 2nd Ward and we shared a car. So we are getting along splendidly and we make lots of punny jokes and talk about our weird families and how weird we are too. I love her already.

0174 Sisters photo by Joy Gourley at transfer march 2016

Transfer Day: Sisters Hannah, Barton, Nish, Tryon and Tullis

Sister Tullis and Sister Tryon courtesy of Joy Gourley

With Sister Tullis on transfer day

0183 Sister Tullis, donkey and Sister Tryon

Selfie with Donkey from backyard at our home in Palakta

We invited two people to baptism this week, and they both said that if it was true that they would. And one of our investigators, D. M. said that she wanted to be baptized to set an example to her young son. She just has to change her lifestyle, but we want to set a date with her soon! We also had dinner with a member that lives really far out in our area on Friday. And she fed us venison and it was SO GOOD. And she let us hold a baby bunny and I was so tickled because I love animals and it was a little baby and it was just so great! She thought it was so funny.

0182 Sister Tryon and bunny Easter

With baby bunny

As far as miracles go, we were able to contact a potential and it was so amazing! Sister Beach and I had talked to her twice when her friend had Cancer and after he passed away. On our first day, Sister Tullis and I felt prompted to stop by and see her. We had intentions to teach the Plan of Salvation. She was walking out to her mailbox when we came by! It was amazing! She welcomed us into her backyard and asked us what we believe. We felt prompted to share the Restoration with her, and to somehow to begin teaching. When we recited the first vision to her, it was so powerful because we were basically in a grove of trees as well! She was a little confused when we invited her to baptism, but said she would think about it. She is willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray as well! She is shy about church but said we could bring a member the next time we saw her. I think she has a lot of potential!

Also we were able to watch the Women’s Conference! It was wonderful! I loved the focus on service and the joys of living a Christ-centered life! I was able to receive an answer to a question I didn’t even realize I had been asking. I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and for the Priesthood that allows this church to be guided by Him.

Also, Easter was a wonderful day! I was asked to conduct the music in Sacrament Meeting, and I thought of Sister Dixon as I conducted and smiled as much as I could. Because Easter songs are my favorite, because they are so full of hope and happiness because of Jesus Christ. That is a lot of “becauses” but that is okay. Anyway, I got to conduct in Sacrament Meeting, and then I was asked to substitute conduct in a Primary (the children’s class). It was so much fun!!! I got to sing songs about Jesus with them and they were just so reverent and happy, I loved it! I love kids so much. Sometimes as a missionary, you have weeks where you just think about your future family and then you have to just refocus on the work because this is the one time in your life that you can really give all of your time and attention to serving God and Jesus Christ. Anyway, I love kids, they were all so cute this week, I am excited to one day get married and have kids, trunky moment over haha.

Easter was really fun! Also, everyone wants to feed the missionaries on Easter! We always have dinner with the Gourleys on Sunday’s so we had that planned. And then the mother of President Herrington (one of President Craig’s counselors) invited us to her home for lunch for a big gathering. The member we live with told us that that is a huge deal and so we went and got to know their family and their children and grandchildren. It was so much fun! And we ate well! That was our lunch (at 3:30 or so). THEN our ward mission leader was dying to feed us dinner and so we went to their house after and we ate dinner and were starting to feel kind of full. And they gave us Easter treats and toys and it was so fun! THEN we went over to the Gourleys and they fed us too! And the Mitchells and the Gourleys both gave us tons of leftovers. Our fridge is so full of leftovers. We ate so much food. Our stomachs and hearts were full.

0177 Easter at the Gourleys' home

Full hearts and full bellies!

I am so thankful for the sacrifice of our Savior for all of us! I am especially thankful this Easter for the promise I have that I can hug people I dearly miss who have passed from this life. I am so thankful that I can be with my family forever. I am thankful for my Savior and for the strength He gives me every day as a missionary in his service. I love you all so much! Please, please, PLEASE remember how much Jesus Christ loves you and how much more Your Heavenly Father loves you!!! Love, Sister Tryon


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