Transfer Week

So I just wrote a huge email and then it didn’t send and then it
closed email and deleted it so…. This weeks will be short. Sorry.

We saw so many miracles which I wrote about once, but suffice it to
say that we found 5 new investigators. We saw many miracles in
teaching people about the gospel and how simple it is! I love it!

Sister Beach is getting transferred to St. Augustine and I am going to
serve here with Sister Tullis from Fleming Island 1st Ward. I have so
many emotions and thoughts about all of that but I don’t have time to
write them. Hooray for technology haha sorry.

We did 3 musical numbers this week! Crazy! They are included below.
And there is probably like 15 seconds on both sides because I put the
iPad in the back of the chapel and then walked quickly to the
microphone and then walked back. The actual video is one about what
the angel said to the women at Jesus Christ’s tomb. It’s pretty fun!
Sister Beach loved it! Also, don’t show that to my voice teacher, she
would be so sad haha.

I love you all! I wish I had more time to write! Remember how much
Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon


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