Huge Wasps and Flowers and Crowns, oh my…

Hello Family!

This week has been so great! We taught a lot of less active members
and that was really good! This week I also had my first time boldly
crying repentance to a recent convert who is becoming less active.
Because I love her so much and I want her to be happy and I felt like
a parent exhorting their child to change their life and just be happy.

And Sister Beach and I also saw some miracles this week, and also were
able to do more golden hours (actual knocking for an hour). On
Thursday we decided to pick some pretty wild flowers while walking
because we wanted to make a flower crown for a member we were seeing
that day (because we are five years old and love making flower crowns
haha). Anyway, we were going to knock doors and we have this bouquet
of wild flowers in our hands. So, as we were walking and knocking on
doors, we saw a wasp. Funny story... Wasps here are HUGE and
terrifying. And we saw this house that had two doors and we were like
"Hmmm which one do we knock?" And one of them had a table in front of
it, but it looked more like it was the front door, so we knocked on
it. And knocked again. And THEN we saw a HUGE angry wasp nearby us.
And you know how I sometimes am super weird and can't walk like a
normal person but have to like dinosaur walk away in fear? (You're not
that close to me yet? Bummer haha ). We started backing away like
crazies, holding our wild flowers, freaking out about the huge wasp
and wanting to not die, and as we turned away (probably after making
some noises like "euhueuuusohhnoooooo") we saw this person. Who had
walked out of the other door without a table in front of it. And who
was staring at us like the crazy people we looked like haha.but it was
okay because she was interested in hearing the message! Her name is T.
S. She knows a member, and wants to come closer to Christ. We taught
her the Restoration and by some miracle she accepted a copy of the
Book of Mormon (despite our weird run away from the wasp).
She seems to be searching to feel the Spirit more in her life and to
come closer to Christ! We also found several potential investigators
and they all seem to be ready to hear the message! We just have to
contact them again and make more set appointments!

0171 Sister Beach

Also on Thursday, we had lunch at Wendy's with a member who is
returning to church. It was her birthday! So Sister Beach and I made
her a flower crown from the wild flowers we had picked earlier and she
LOVED it! It was so much fun! Her name is Sister Mack. She makes such
good fried chicken! She taught me how to make it and said she liked my
Mac and cheese so I was happy haha.

0172 Sister Tryon, Sister Mack and Sister Beach birthday lunch and flower crown

We also taught an awesome lesson with C. S. and her mom and brother at
a members home. They fed us dinner and then they helped us to teach
them. And they came to church! It was just so great! I love members! I
want to be that awesome member when I get home!

This week Sister Beach got sick, so we stayed in all of Saturday and
Sunday. Sister Beach mostly slept and I cleaned and organized our
areabook. On Sunday, I went to church while Sister Beach stayed home
with the member we live with. We also mostly watched movies Sunday. We
sat in bed since Sister Beach is supposed to be resting, and so we
watched Legacy and The Living Scriptures and a bunch of church movies.
I also ate jellybeans so like a crazy person because my kids (the
Eversoles) sent me SO MANY and they were delicious!

That's basically all that happened this week! Sister Beach and I plan
on buying a frisbee so we can practice our throwing (because if you
have seen me throw a frisbee, it is pretty pitiful, and Sister Beach
and I are on the same playing level and don't like playing ultimate
frisbee. We want to be better at participating haha.

I love you all! Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon

0170 Sister Tryon and Joy Gourley


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