I LOVE Palatka

0167 district service
(My district plus a few other missionaries)

This week has been so great! We had the chance to go on trade-offs with our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Malm and Sister Grissom. Sister Malm served with Sister Barton at one point, and Sister Grissom served with Sister Clay! They are so funny! I was with Sister Grissom for the trade-off, and she is from Tennessee! She is so funny, and so country and I love her! I got to talk to her a lot about why I came out on a mission, and was able to have a lot of fun in her area. She is serving in the richest area, St. John’s. And I learned that I am serving in the poorest county in Florida (Putnam). The people are so kind and humble and I love it!

0168 Sister Tryon and Sister Grissom

(Sister Grissom and I accidentally twinned 2 days in a row. We  took a picture the 2nd day)

We also did lots of service this week! It was the best! I got my pants covered in quite a bit of paint! We helped “P”(the sister of the member we live with, also the sister of our ward mission leader)to paint her new old house! And it was so much fun! She is painting it a pretty sea foam green and I am becoming a pro painter! Haha at least I tell myself that..

0169 Sister Tryon and Easter Pen from Punkin

“P” gave us Easter pens!

Not a ton of other things happened this week actually. Sister Beach and I are starting to get along even better, and are starting to become better friends. We were asked to do a musical number for our district meeting, and it was so fun to get ready for! Sister Beach is so good at playing piano! And my singing had lost some momentum but her piano playing made up for it hahaha.

On Saturday, the Elder’s investigator, “M”, got baptized! He is so great! Our Elders asked Sister Beach and me to perform the musical number we had done for district meeting, and  it went much better than it had before. “M” was so sweet! He asked if I had gone to music school, and was just praising my voice and he was just so overall sweet. Plus, he is from Jamaica so it was like the compliment of the week! Haha.


And on Sunday, “M” and “I” were confirmed as members and received the Holy Ghost! They both bore their testimonies and were just so sweet! It’s those moments that make you so thankful to be a missionary. I imagine that it’s very much like how a parent feels when their child does something wonderful! Honestly, the mission is like life on steroids. Already I have learned so much about who I am and things I can do to be better and I am changing and it is so great! I just wish I could share it with everyone because it is so wonderful! I love being a missionary!

I love you all so much! Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Tryon


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