I Love To Look For Rainbows Whenever There Is Rain

This week was AMAZING!!!

We did a little more knocking but we mostly taught I.I.!!!

0163 Sister Beach, Issac and Sister Tryon, night before Issac's baptism

(Sister Beach and I with I.I. the Saturday night before he was baptized)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he was baptized this Sunday!

0165 Issac's baptism

(At I.I.’s baptism! Ah! I just love him so much! He is incredible!)

He is so amazing, I think quite possibly the most pure person I have ever met, except maybe Rachel. He is amazing. He just is so converted to Jesus Christ and His gospel, and it is amazing to see him and the light in his eyes! His baptism was such a spiritual experience! One of our investigators, C. S. came, and when I.I. came up out of the water, she was like “Woahhhhh…. That was crazy cool. That’s crazyyyyy!” She’s nine and she is getting baptized on March 19th if everything goes the way it is going, she is excited to get baptized.

But back to I.I.! He is so amazing! I don’t know if I have ever wanted to hug someone as badly as I wanted to hug him after his baptism (except maybe the Wolffords and obviously my family and friends back home). He is so sweet.

Basically, that is most of what happened this week. My heart is full. I am so thankful to be a missionary and to help others to come unto Christ!

0162 Donkey!

(I took another picture with our backyard friend. He decided to smile for the picture haha)

0164 Sister Tryon, Sister Beach's friend and Sister Beach
(We had lunch with a member that Sister Beach knew! She was so sweet! Same day as the previous picture. I promise that’s not the only outfit I wear. I just love sunflowers a lot.)

0166 Hello, my name is Elder Montoya

(A picture Sister Beach’s mom sent her that made me laugh a lot.)

I love you all! Remember how much Heavenly Father loves you! Until next week!

Sister Tryon


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