I LOVE being a Missionary!!!

0159 blustery day

(It was WINDY!)

This week has been wonderful! We split up our area with our Elders so that we have our own individual areas! And we ate a lot of food haha it was wonderful. Usually when I am stuffed I think “Sometimes.. When you are a (sister missionary], you wear streeeetchy [skirts]” and then chuckle and then hurt because I ate a LOT.

This week we made dinner for one of our members and she taught me how to make fried chicken! It was so good! Sister Beach and I cooked homemade mac and cheese and some peas and biscuits, and then she showed us how to fry the chicken. We ate so much. She told us that we are the reason she gains weight haha because she enjoyed our cooking. And her neighbor came over and ate with us and we were able to read scriptures with both of them!

We also met with I. I. and taught the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. He is so amazing! He understood and was willing to apply it and live them. I know the commandments truly bless us and bring us joy now and in eternity.

We also met with C. S., our other baptismal date, and taught her the Plan of Salvation. Side note.. Her cat loved me. I’ve had dogs get excited and cats who let me scratch their chin, but he was just purring so loudly and kept snuggling into me and I was really happy. It’s those little tender mercies that remind you that Heavenly Father loves you.

I don’t have much else to talk about this week. We taught a lot but none that are super exciting. We have a ghetto in our area, so knocking in there is kind of scary. We’re only allowed to be there during the day. We spent all day there on Saturday and it was pretty crazy and good!

We also met a lady who is a less-active member while eating lunch at Wendy’s. She said she liked our skirts, and we were like “Thanks, we’re missionaries!” And she just got so excited and gave us flower pencils and talked to us for 20 minutes and every time we looked over at her, she was smiling so much! Sometimes I forget what I am doing out here. Like, I know that I am a missionary and that I do good things, but sometimes I really forget how much of an impact I have. That lady told us that we made her day and she was literally BEAMING.

I am so thankful to be able to play a small part in God’s plan to bring about the happiness (and salvation) of His children. I truly love being a missionary! It is really hard. Sometimes it is monotonous and seems mundane. But this is God’s work. It is far from mundane! I am so thankful that I get to be a missionary!

I love all of you so much! I am amazed at how love I feel for the people here! I feel as though I was the Grinch and my heart has grown three sizes too big! I am thankful to have that small taste of how much our Heavenly Father loves us! Remember how much He loves you! I love you!

0160 zone

(Jax South Zone)

0161 zone funny

(We are awkward missionaries)

Sister Tryon


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