Have You Ever Read The Scriptures…


(A funny doormat we saw while tracting)

This week has been awesome! But I am also so sad because I am being transferred away from Fleming Island and Sister Barton. But I am also so ecstatic and excited to go to Palatka to serve with Sister Beach! It is going to be amazing! I am very excited for this new chapter in my life!


(Sister Barton and I. What came as we took that picture was a quote from Veggie Tales: “Oh Mighty Pond scum! You are powerful and… Scummy…” ~ quote by a slave owner in the animated short “The Story of St Patrick”, from the Veggies Tales movie “Lessons From The Sock Drawer”.)

This week, we taught NR and he loved church! We are excited,  am so sad that I will not be there to see him he baptized! But it is okay! This week we met a girl named LB and she is so cute and so awesome! She is totally going to progress and get baptized one day!

Also, sorry I don’t have much to write this week, I decided to actually play sports with our zone. Yeah for volley ball!


(Someone dropped these gifts in our bike helmets while we were teaching inside a home)


(Saying goodbye to the Futches, a family I love)


(I want to be Sister Futch when I grow up!)

Funny random quotes of the week:

“Missionaries are like crayons. But Sisters are like the blue crayons that I especially like.”-Brother Wolfford

“I promise you’re not useless”-Sister Barton, as she sorted cans and I sat on the floor waiting for her to hand me cans with a certain date.

“Have you ever read the scriptures…?”-Brother Luke from the other Ward. We were talking about deep doctrine as missionaries and he said that, paused like Severus Snape, and then said a few scriptures. But we thought he was questioning our study habits haha.

Funny Gift based on my being Half French:


Sister Waness gifted me these “boules de Petanque”


(What happens when you bike in the rain for an hour. I felt like the matchmaker from Mulan.)

mulan matchmaker


One thought on “Have You Ever Read The Scriptures…

  1. Michelle, I have not commented before now, but I want you to know that I read your blog every single week. And I am so impressed with your continuous good spirits. I also know there are hard times, but you choose not to spread that around, instead we see your strong testimony of missionary work and of your part in that work.
    I continue to teach the ward members family history and am impressed with the number of youth that are doing work indexing or helping their parents fill in their family trees so that temple sealing work can be done.
    You are often in our prayers and thoughts.
    Jan Johnson


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