I love being a missionary

This week was crazy! Also haha so we always have no time! We get our transfer calls this Saturday, so next week I will know if I am staying in Fleming Island… I am feeling like I will be transferred but we will see!

Hmm. Every time I sit down to email, everything flies out of my brain. It’s like when a teacher tells you to say your name and something interesting about yourself and you’re just like “Hi I am so and so and I do nothing. Yeah.” But this week, we started cleaning out our “area book” and dropping people (missionary lingo for deciding not to visit them more, because of disinterest, inability to contact, or because they’re not keeping commitments). So that is going really well!

Also! NR CAME TO CHURCH!!! I was so excited!!! We haven’t had an investigator come to church yet in my time out here until yesterday! And people don’t generally show up until 2 minutes before services! So it’s about 10:45 a.m. and I look up from where I am putting my stuff and BOOM! NR is standing in chapel with a full on suit! I almost fainted! haha I was so shocked and excited! And the Wolffords sat with him and everyone was introducing themselves and it was the greatest! This Ward (congregation) is so welcoming and I love it! We think he had a good time! Also, we set a (tentative)baptismal date with him for February 20!!! I am so excited! I can see how much peace this gospel  brings back to him! I am so thankful for Christ and for the peace and joy that He brings to my life every day as a missionary and child of God.

Also! This week we had an amazing worldwide missionary broadcast and it was amazing! This year our theme is “We teach repentance, and we baptize converts” and I am so excited! President Craig told us that when converts fall away from the church, 90% of the time it is because they never fully understood repentance. It is so important to teach people about the greatest opportunity to change your lives and have 2nd and 3rd and 1,000th chances! Christ loves us all so much that He made that possible! He doesn’t want us to have to carry the burden of shame or pain or anything, and all He asks is that we give it to Him and have faith in Hid healing power. If we follow Him, we will have joy!  Ah I just LOVE the gospel!

Also, random funny moments/thoughts/realizations of the week:

1). On Monday night I saw movement (which generally means there is a person I can talk to and share the gospel with). So I loudly said “Hello!” And was starting to walk towards the movement and then I saw that it was a couple making out and I just awkwardly was a missionary like “Oh okay so sorry” haha and Sister Barton just laughed. “Hello my name is Awkward, what’s yours?”

2). I have determined that if I were to be in a horror movie, I would be the first to die. Because every single time I pull out our apartment key, I struggle to get it in the lock for like 30 seconds and poor Sister Barton just waits haha. I really struggle.

3). We had dinner at a members home, and they sent us home with “Danielware.” Basically, heir son Daniel always takes leftovers with him, but never brings back the Tupperware, so they rinse out old ice cream cartons and stuff and call it Danielware. It’s pretty great. We can start our own collection now!

4). We had a huge bonfire at a members home and Sister Clay burned her dress because she is going home this transfer. I actually forgot to take lots of pictures this week but things are going well! I really love being a missionary!


Our district


Our district right before our bonfire

5). So… Last week we were doing laundry and heard this loud clanging in the dryer and just figured it was zippers and stuff. Then this week we were washing clothing and heard it again in he dryer! We were like “What is that noise?!” So after the laundry finished drying, we pulled it out. And there was a lighter! Like, filled with fluid! All I know is that Heavenly Father protects His missionaries because we should not be alive if that went through our dryer twice!


I love all of you so much! Thank you for your love and prayers! I can feel them! Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Michelle Rose Tryon


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