Weather in Florida is CRRAAAZY!

This week has been wonderful! It has been hot and cold! After P-Day on Monday, we headed out on our bikes to see less active members. And we forgot our “jacketses” and we were SO COLD. And a member invited us in and fed us empanadas and gave us jackets and it was wonderful.


Us after biking in the cold all evening except for our empanadas with Sister B.

We were really really cold. And bad a taking selfies haha.

On Tuesday we volunteered at Salvation Army and found a super neat looking hat, included in pictures below.





On Tuesday, we also taught J, a young man who is not sure he believes in God. (Side note, there are so many people like that! This area is basically a whole lot of people who either really love Jesus or who really just don’t believe in any of it.) Anyway, he is awesome! He is so smart and asks us lots of questions. He said he would be baptized if he found it was true!

On Wednesday we taught two less active members and did some service! We also taught a young mom and she said we could come back! And we had a great power lesson with a member!

On Thursday we volunteered at a Salvation Army and then we got to teach LC! Let me tell you about her:
One). I seriously love her, she is awesome. She could talk about dogs all day if you wanted.
Two). She reminds me a lot of my sister J and I just love it!
Three). She has been reading the Book of Mormon and is really trying to find out if it is true! Ah I just love her!
Also, we gave her homework to friend request Sister Dixon becaaaaaaaaaause she misses her and also because Sister Dixon is awesome! She said she would come to church!

Friday was super great with our three hours of weekly planning. And we did a lot of knocking doors and helped out a member (Sister B). I don’t know what it is, but as soon as I step inside her home I feel like I’m home. I love it. Her family is amazing. They’re actually moving to the Seattle are soon so I will see them after my mission!

Saturday we had an amazing lesson with a less active member who is so sweet. And we taught NR! He is amazing, he is totally going to get baptized when he knows it’s true. He is reading and studying, and is just so solid in his testimony of Christ. Basically I want to say “Amen” to everything he says because it is so awesome! Also, we helped out a less active member by reading books/conference talks to his wife who can’t move around a lot. It was such a spiritual experience, reading things from President Uchtdorf and another talk. Ah I just love the gospel so much! And I love serving others because it is so fulfilling!

On Sunday we had a wonderful regional conference broadcast! LC and NR were not able to attend, but said they will be at church next week! Can I just say, I am so thankful to have prophets and apostles to guide us today? This world is in need of so much help, and God has given us the guidance we need to be safe and happy, physically and spiritually! What a blessing! We also taught GM and DS about prophets. They are great. All of us have the gift of gab though to that can be troublesome. But I love them so much!

Basically I love being a missionary. Everything is great! Missionary work is so hard but I love it! Also, I really need to get better at taking pictures. Sister Barton and I are so bad at that!


(The sisters in our zone)

I love you all!

Sister Michelle Rose Tryon
Have a great week, y’all!


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