Where The Sidewalk Ends


This week was awesome!

On Monday we taught “T” on the phone! So apparently he either
didn’t hear our awful Christmas caroling last week or angels sang
along and masked our Scully the seagull singing. It was great! We are meeting with him later this week!


On Tuesday we had another amazing district meeting. Seriously, I love them so much. The spiritual boost you get is so amazing! We were challenged to read from the scriptures every day of our life! I am excited to work on living that! We volunteered at Salvation Army and it was awesome! Moral of the story is I may never stop working grocery because we work in the food pantry part, organizing, dating, and double-facing everything. It is pretty great haha.

Wednesday was great too, but not many exciting stories.

On Thursday we worked at Salvation Army again, and then spent 3 or so hours helping members to clean and organize. I am beginning to feel and understand the fatigue of a mom who is trying to keep things clean at home. It is hard, but worth it!

We also taught a woman name “K”. It was one of those interesting lessons where you are both feeling the Spirit and somewhat fearing for your safety. I don’t know how to describe it. There was talk of gospel principles but also of murder and that is definitely a first for me!

Also, shout out to Emma for sending me (chocolate) kisses in a present to open at midnight on New Year’s. I definitely chuckled.

On Friday we helped out the “Bs” since they are moving. Also because we really love them a lot. Papa B taught us how to correctly swing a golf club. He was super patient. I was told that golf is the sport of the non-sporty people who are intellectual. I had once considered myself both of those, but I guess now I’m more of a person who likes to eat cookie dough and pad Thai. That’s okay too, I guess. Also, Friday was the beginning of a new year! My goals this year are to be healthy (surprise) but also to talk with everyone I meet so I can bless their life with the gospel and service!

Saturday was a day of miracles! We contacted 2 referrals and had 3 new investigators! Also, we had dinner at Longhorn with the other Sisters since their members gave hem lots of gift cards. So delicious. And, of course, I was almost more excited about the delicious bread that is ever apparent at steakhouses. So good. I will always love bread.

And, as always, Fast Sunday was amazing. I am so thankful for the
chance to fast and receive even more revelation for my life.

Okay so stories!
1). Random moment: So this week I found out that dipping your PB&J in chocolate milk is weird? I did that when I was with the Sisters and they were horrified haha. Is that a European thing? Because they don’t dip their croissants in chocolate milk either, and that’s just a shame.

2). We spent a large majority of our driving time learning the lyrics to one of the Motab CDs so we could perform with with the other Sisters. And it might have to send the video in two emails, but it is pretty great!

3). This one is pretty long…
Sooooooooo you know how we knock on people’s doors? On Friday, we had just finished our planning and our calls and it was 10pm. And we have recently started praying in separate rooms so we can pray out loud. So I went into the bathroom and turned on the fan, and then Sister Barton knocks on the door. Confused, I open it and she looks at in all seriousness and says “Someone knocked on our door.” Usually I answer the door, but not past 9:30. Also, side note, the LdS missionaries don’t knock on doors before 10am or after 9pm, just FYI…
Anyway! We freaked out a little bit and army crawled past the window so we could check our phone and see if maybe it was a member who was at our door. The person knocked again. And we just lay low, and they left. So we were freaking out a little bit.
The next morning during our studies, someone knocked on the door. And we looked through the peephole right as this man and his dog walk away. So we were thinking “Well, if we need to teach this person God will make sure we meet them.” And then
an hour later, we heard ANOTHER knock. And we answered, and it was this man whom we had met once. And he said “I just wanted to be the first one to wish you a Happy New Year!” And so we learned his name and were about to introduce ourselves, and then he left!
So we either need to hide from him or we need to baptize him. We are not quite sure… Our ward mission leader said we should probably just say “You look like you need to be baptized!” next time we see him and then not say another word until he speaks. If he is a stalker, he might leave us alone. And if God put him in our path, we can help him to get baptized!

Anyway. That’s all for this week! We didn’t take many pictures but we have an awesome missionary music video soooooo…. It kind of makes up for it, right?

I love you all! Remember how much Heavenly Father loves and knows you as His child!

Sister Michelle Rose Tryon

P.S. I’m pretty sure Shel Silverstein was in Florida when he wrote his poem “Where the Sidewalk Ends” because this is the fifth or sixth I’ve seen so far in my area. They just end randomly.


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