This week was great! Saying goodbye to Sister Dixon was probably among the harder things I’ve done this month. I am going to miss her love and enthusiasm for the work, and also just the amazing person she is.



The last Huzzah as a district before Sister Dixon left

So my new companion’s name is Sister Barton. She is great! She has been out almost six months, and is so sweet. We are already becoming good friends, and are having a lot of (serious) fun out here. Also she sings really, really well, so that’s awesome. I love it! Christmas caroling is going to be the greatest!



Sister Barton and Sister Tryon

This week we had a lot of appointments that fell through, but Heavenly Father was so good to us in helping us to spread this joyous gospel. Also, in loving memory of Sister Dixon, I have continued to sing hymns when we bike. And it is definitely a work out. My diaphragm is getting pretty strong as I bike and belt out “Angels We Have a Heard on High” so that’s great! I have no idea how it actually sounds. I try not to think about that (;

This week we met a few new people to teach. They are very sweet. One of them invited us in and gave us cookies and insisted that we keep eating them. So that was nice (not for my waist). They were super good though so I’m not even bothered. Other notable moments from the week:

1). We lost our mail keys. So I’m really sorry if I don’t write any letters back to y’all… We’re working on getting ones.

2). Hmm apparently nothing else…

3). Lies! This week we helped a member make chocolate goodies. So I am now a semi-pro at melting chocolate in the microwave and dipping pretzels and spoons.

4). We sang in Sacrament Meeting! There was an amazing Christmas program and I just love Christmas so much!

5). We joined the young women at church for an awesome lesson on the nativity. We were asked which piece we identify with most. I realized while pondering that I feel most like the camel that comes with the wise men. Though it may not seem to be very important, it plays its role and works hard. The whole purpose of the camel was to bring the wise men to Christ. Though I was not physically there for the birth of Christ, I can bring others to him and help them to feel of His love and power. It is truly an amazing experience. I really do love being a missionary.

6). We had transfer meeting. As we got up to recite scriptures and sing, I was overcome with so much joy. And cried (haha what else is new?). I really, truly love being a missionary so much! President Craig often says that you have a mere 18 months to serve the Lord and an eternity to think about it.

I am excited for these precious months of my life to be spent working hard in the service of one who completely knows and loves me. I love y’all!

Also, I have lots of Christmas cards that I want to send out but no addresses so if I could get addresses from people in the wards/who want a super late Christmas card, let me know!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and remember how much Heavenly Father loves you.

With so much love, Sister Michelle Rose Tryon

We went tracting in a very fancy neighborhood


“Christmice” Cookies


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