Life as a Missionary in DECEMBER

First thing, transfers are next week, so P-day will be on Tuesday!

Also, Sister Dixon goes home at the end of this current transfer. I am pretty sad about that. So I am going to kill her (For those of you who don’t understand, that is missionary slang for sending your companion home, because they are now “dead” to the mission, I promise I’m not going crazy and I am still a safe person to work with haha). I will also probably hold a funeral, and a loud wake. It will be great.


This week has been amazing! Also, it is officially December. Get excited! We are finally able to sing Christmas carols when we knock on doors! It is the best! We actually had a golden hour the other day and caroled to two different women named Carol. It was one of those moments when I wanted to turn to Dad and say “Ha-tar-tar-tar” because I love puns, especially the awful ones. By the way, I definitely say Dad jokes to people. It’s a real struggle, but the members like me (I think haha) so that’s great! The members here are amazing! I am really loving being a missionary! It is really hard, but so amazing! This week, I have been thinking a lot about the things about my life as a missionary that make me chuckle…

1). Dreaming about finding investigators who pray about the Book of Mormon and find it to be true.

2). Getting Scripture Rock (from Seminary) stuck in your head (especially 1 Corinthians 10:13 and the songs from 1 Corinthians 15). Also reciting them in the rhythm of the song like a weirdo. It’s pretty great.

3). Getting doors slammed. I had my first official legitimate yelling person/door slam this week. And it is just weird.


This week we taught a lot of lessons, which was awesome! One Monday we taught “A”(the miracle woman from golden hour a few weeks ago who has twins!), and she seemed really touched by the message of the Restoration. We will hopefully meet with her tonight or later this week. She is amazing. She said that she felt prompted to talk to us, and that’s why she didn’t close the door in our face when her husband got her for us. We were like “Ahhhhhh that’s actually the Spirit…” and she agreed and said she would pray about it. I have high hopes (“High apple piiiie in the… Skyyyyyyyy hopes”) for her. We also taught two other people on Monday night, though neither seemed very interested.


On Tuesday I gave my first training at District Meeting! It was great to be terrified and just get it done because now I feel much more competent as a leader! Also, during my training, I was trying to help everyone to realize that they are amazing, and I had them go through like Brother “C”once did in Seminary, to have them admit that they are amazing and that while they all have things they can work on, it is important to love yourselves. And Elder Dean, when I got to him, quietly said “I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.” That has stuck with me a lot this week. Because THAT is amazing. I am so thankful for the quiet and powerful examples that the Elders in our district are to me. We also helped out at Salvation Army, then helped a member make some cute hot chocolate kits for the missionaries, complete with chocolate dipped spoons for stirring.


On Wednesday, we had a lady call us and ask to meet with us. Her name is “K”, and she is so cute. We taught her about the Restoration and she seemed excited also! She said she would come to church (wasn’t able to make it this week) and was excited to read from the Book of Mormon. We do have to get her a larger print one so she can read from it. We also taught some teenagers on the sidewalk and then went to a Relief Society Christmas dinner at the Bishop’s house. We had several less active members come and feel the love from the women, and that was amazing to see!


On Thursday we helped out at Salvation Army again. It is amazing to see how though we are not proselyting while working there, how much they are understanding about our church. They are asking questions about us and really starting to get the organizations of the church and how service-oriented it all is. It is amazing! We also had a lesson with a member and got Christmas decorations from one of the members! So we have a Christmas tree!!!!!

0100 Christmas tree and Sisters Dixon and Tryon


On Friday we had 5 lessons fall through but we still managed!


Saturday was awesome, and we taught 3 lessons! I will talk more about one of them later because she is a miracle.


On Sunday we taught 3 lessons, and one of them (“A”) said she would be baptized if she found our message to be true. We also taught 2 less active members, and were able to watch the Christmas Devotional! One of the less active members has a husband who often jokes around and offers us beer/cigarettes and the like. He came in to talk during the devotional, and stopped to listen to the music sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He said he wants to see them live. He would always go back to the garage when the speakers came up, and then come out to listen to the music. Once, he stayed and listened to half of President Uchtdorf’s talk and seemed really touched about it. Hooray for the Spirit! Afterwards, we met their new tenant, and he was nice and said we could come back and talk some time.



1). Okay so I lied there were too many to write them all… But there were a LOT.

2). “W”: We felt prompted to try a potential we had me recently, and when we got to her complex, we met “W”! And she was super receptive!

3). “D”: We gave D’s info to the Elders in our ward earlier this transfer. We were in the area, and felt that we should go see him. We parked the car, walked over, and then when we got to his house saw that there was a window that was part of a bathroom (because we could see shampoo bottle outlines and the top of a head) and felt weird, and turned to go back to our car. Then we looked at out car (about half a block away) and saw that the GPS was still on (It usually turns off when we turn off the car). So we went to turn it off. And then decided to see a member who lives next to “D”. Well, while walking back over, we met a woman named “D” and talked to her. Then, literally as we were walking past D’s house (the initial person they were trying to visit) to go to the member’s home, he pulled into the driveway. EVERYONE. God knows what is going on. He puts us in places so we can be with those who we need to see. It is amazing. MIRACLES.

4). “L”: L is the woman whom we met a while back who said she is atheist. We talked to her and her niece, and taught them a bit. AND SHE PRAYED. OUT LOUD. She has been seeing little signs and thinks God is trying to get her attention and tell her that He is there. IT IS AMAZING. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!


Miracles happen every day. I love this work. There is nothing better. As Elder Clifford always said, “Remember who you are and what you stand for!” Remember also whose you are. You are a child of God. He loves you!



Sister Michelle Rose Tryon


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