The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year!

This week has been, as always, amazing! I think this is going to be one of those longer emails. I am mildly apologetic about that but also not really that sorry…

On Tuesday we had trade-offs with our Sister Training leaders! I stayed in our area as the senior companion with Sister Clark (whom Sister Dixon also trained, therefore, my mission “sister”). We did some service decorating Christmas wreaths and setting up a shopping square with Christ, as decorations for a member. It was so much fun!

I love Christmas (y’all are going to hear that probably about 437 more times before December 25th, because Christmas is the best!)!!!!! I get a little excited. But seriously, everyone becomes a little nicer and people come together as families, and lots of people do actually celebrate the birth of Christ! And since everyone here in the South loves Jesus, it is awesome! I love Christmas so much! December is finally (almost) upon us! Also, apparently we are allowed to listen to Christmas music that is uplifting and spiritual, so that makes me even happier! Just. CHRISTMAS! Joy to the world!

Also, speaking of the best thing ever, we are sharing an amazing Christmas video with EVERYONE called A Savior is Born. It is an amazing video that is maybe 3 minutes long, all about the true meaning of Christmas. I love it! Basically, everyone should watch it and share it because Jesus Christ is the greatest gift we have been given by our loving Heavenly Father!

Anyway, Christmas excitement aside (is there such a thing?), our trade-off went well! We met a man named “JW”. He is great! He loves Jesus Christ, and that is just wonderful! We taught him the Restoration on his doorstep, and he just talked to us for 45 minutes on the doorstep and it was amazing! We will be seeing him in a couple of weeks! Also, on Wednesday we had to go get the tires replaced on the car… Because we are supposed to replace at 3/32 and well it was more like 0/32 SO I learned to be an adult and figure that out (actually, I panicked a bit and thankfully we have leaders who handle car finances, so we called him and I was able to relax again). I am so thankful for our leaders!

We traded back to our regular companions, and had dinner with a recent convert (“A”) from the other Sisters! She attends our ward but technically belongs in the other one. She is just the sweetest person. I love her so much. She struggles with some of the same issues that I have struggled with before, and I had my testimony strengthened so much as to God’s unconditional and unfathomable (“without fathom”) love for all of us! I am learning more and more that the struggles that we go through not only help us to grow into stronger people, but to help others to realize that they are not alone! Because I had suffered through some similar circumstances, though to a lesser degree than she, I was able to help her turn to Christ and to feel peace, even if only for a moment. I am so thankful for the peace and the healing that comes through Christ. Christ suffered through EVERYTHING (sin, pain, afflictions, sufferings, temptations of every kind, fatigue, death, the list goes ON and ON) for us, so that we would never be alone. So that we would be able to return to live with him and Heavenly Father. So that we could experience peace. THAT is why I love Christmas so much. Because He lives. HE is the gift. God wants us to be happy. Christ is the means whereby we can attain that. Also, if you want more Christmas joy, look up the video “He is the Gift” because it is amazing!

I know that God loves all of us so much! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be His servant and to officially represent His Son Jesus Christ in Florida for 18 precious months. What a blessing!

On Thanksgiving Day, we went to the homes of members and less active members. And we ate so much food. I am thankful for streeeetchy skirts (Nacho Libre style) and for a stomach that can hide a large amount of food before becoming a food “baby”. Anyway, Thanksgiving was wonderful!


0094 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ms’ house.

We had also had Thanksgiving lunch at the Cs’ house!

On Friday we had weekly planning for 3 hours, and also helped our ward mission leader , Brother W to set up his first ever fake tree (they’ve always cut theirs down). He got pretty excited about it. I love Christmas!

0093 Christmas Tree

We also met with a member who is super sweet, and set up service for the next day. On Saturday, we came over to that member’s home to paint her living room. I love painting! It was very fun! One of her friends was there helping out (he lives in Georgia, so we can’t teach him any more than we have). And my heart went out this week to her daughter, “V”, who is maybe 6 or 7. We were at their house helping them to paint their living room. And her friends knocked at the door, and after their staring at us like we were aliens, we heard her say “Oh, it’s just the Mormon missionaries.” And about 20 seconds later, she came inside to grab some things, and we asked her if they asked about us. And she just looked away for a second and said “I’m not going to say what they said. They were just being rude. They were saying mean things about you. But I love you!” Cue sound of my heart both melting and snapping into a million pieces all at once. She will forever have a part of my heart (so like a happy-crux rather than a horcrux I guess). Seriously. I am so excited to be a mom one day already, but she has made me even more excited.

And Sunday was amazing, as ever! We taught 3 lessons in about 2 hours! God is good in helping us to achieve our goals! And I am increasingly thankful for the example of my parents in keeping the Sabbath Day holy. “D” from Red Apple knows that I won’t work on a Sunday, but that doesn’t even begin to touch on what he Sabbath Day is for. I love the peace and renewal that comes from turning away from the world and turning to God, and finding joy in all that we have been given. What a gift it is to be able to keep the Sabbath Day holy! S

Seriously, I love the peace I feel as a missionary. Although life is crazy at times, I have never felt closer to my Savior and to my Heavenly Father than I do now. I know that anyone can have that relationship, and that we can all feel that peace and joy! I love you all. Heavenly Father loves you even more, more than any of us can even begin to understand. I hope y’all have a wonderful week. Don’t forget to look for the beauty in life.

Love, Sister Michelle Rose Tryon

More pictures

0097 Holy Pajamas

You know you pray a lot when…

…your Marvel Super Hero pajama pants have a hole in the knees.


0092 Thanksgiving Day

Sisters with Sister W


0091 Thanksgiving Day

Sister Tryon with her companion Sister Dixon and Sister “W”


0090 Thanksgiving Day

Sister Dixon and Sister Tryon


The joys of Thanksgiving visit at Sister H’s house 🙂


One thought on “The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year!

  1. It is wonderful to read your messages. You are so wonderful and you already know that I luff you! I loved reading about your Thanksgiving and I am grateful that there are members who take care of the missionaries like your mom does!


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