Because I have been given much, I too must give


(We said goodbye to Sister Call during Zone Conferences)


I am so thankful for so many things! I considered making this email a thankfulness one but we only have 2 hours of email sooo today is not that day! Although I will say… Daddy, thank you so much for biking with me every morning because I didn’t realize how much we biked until we wore poor Sister Call out a little bit. We felt so bad. We bike a lot. I LOVE BIKING. Also, thank you family for the lovely pumpkin notes and package. Our pantry is super full haha (:



(We got SOAKED by the sprinkler by riding our bikes home at night)

This week was amazing!!!


I think the best part of my week was Wednesday. We had our Zone Conference, and it is probably my favorite day in the mission so far. Basically it’s General Conference, from 8:00-4:30, with delicious food, and tailored specifically for you as a missionary. YEAH. It was amazing! During it we learned more about becoming a consecrated missionary, and the ways that we can accomplish that (by the way, you should look up “Becoming a Consecrated Missionary” by Tad R. Callister, it’s an amazing talk). Anyway, one of the ways to become a more consecrate missionary is to put away your fears, or to put your fears on the sacrificial altar (figuratively). SO I have been working a lot on that this week.


We were working on that this week, and decided to start by switching off who starts the Golden Hour (hour devoted to finding new people to teach/actually knocking doors). And I have found that I always feel the most nervous when something spiritually amazing is about to happen. The adversary really doesn’t like missionaries because we do so much good for others and literally devote 18-24 months of our lives to serving people physically and spiritually.While our Heavenly Father prompts us to act through love and peace and good thoughts, the adversary will plant seeds of doubt, fear, and anxiety to prevent us from doing good things. So this week, while we were fixin’ to start a golden hour, I was super nervous. And as we walked up to our first door, I just felt so afraid. So I knew that there was someone inside whom the adversary REALLY didn’t want us to talk to. Sister Dixon let me take the first door, and we talked to this man who seemed genuinely interested in our message! And we taught him the Restoration and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, which he seemed excited to read! SO we will be seeing him tonight! I am excited! I know that the gospel brings so much peace into the lives of those who will apply it! I am really excited to see his life become even better!


Also, this week we met a new person named “L”, with whom we will meet this week. And we invited the “Ms” to baptism! They said not yet, but I can see the gospel strengthening their family so much! Ah! I just love being a missionary! We get a front row seat to people’s lives changing for the better! We get to see the joy and peace that Christ’s gospel brings into their lives and their families! I love it!


Also, this week in our studies, we were talking about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and how important it is to helping us feel spiritually uplifted and getting more out of our church worship. I’ve determined that going to church on Sunday and then not keeping the rest of the Sabbath day holy, and then complaining that you are not spiritually improving or receiving answers is like working out and then eating only doughnuts after, and complaining that your weight isn’t improving or changing for the better.


So, funny story, I literally gave my companion the shirt off my back this week haha. They were giving flu shots at the conference, and it was Sister Dixon’s turn. Her sleeve wouldn’t roll up quite enough for the shot, and so she pulled me into the bathroom and I gave her my layering undershirt so that she could get her flu shot in modesty. It made me chuckle. She’s awesome.


I hope y’all are having an amazing week! I hope that as we come together for the Holidays that we can remember how much we have been blessed by our loving Heavenly Father! He has given us so much! Remember how much He loves you!



Sister Michelle Rose Tryon


Additional Pictures from this week’s email:



(We finally found time to bake Rachel Mumford’s delicious cookies)

(actually, we made and ate cookie dough… haha)


( I found Barbara Manatee while out Tracting at night.)

( That’s a mailbox, by the way. People here love their mailboxes.)


(What I am going to look like after the Holidays!)


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