Ahhhhhhhh! Where did this week go?! Life as a missionary is crazy! I don’t even know where to begin! Well hmm.

For starters, SISTER DIXON AND I ARE STAYING IN FLEMING ISLAND!!! We had a mission-wide call for 9. And then an 8:30, our phone rang with a  call from President Craig. And my heart kind of stopped and I saw my  whole mission (all 7 weeks of being gone) flash before my eyes and I  was in instant panic mode haha. And then President told us that Sister Craig’s niece is going on a mini-mission, and that she will be with our companionship for one of the two weeks she will be here! So that will be really exciting!
Also, Sister Dixon got to go the Temple this week! So I got to go to Jax Beach for a day! And we knocked doors for 4 hours hahaha so I had to get over that fear of people.

This week we met a family with 6 kids, and three of them want to come to young women’s! We also got to meet with the atheist woman again. She still doesn’t really believe in God, BUT the Spirit is working on her because she agreed to let us come back to visit! So I don’t really know what to make of her right now… But I am excited to see how everything turns out!
Also, we were finally able to contact Anthony! And he’s letting us text him scriptures every day so that is awesome!
I am afraid that this week has not been terribly exciting to report… We made a goal to be more patient this week. And lo and behold, the day after, all of our appointments cancelled as we got there and nobody wanted to talk to us. I have been learning that when you set goals, God will give you so many opportunities to practice and work on them. This week was something else haha but I have started to become more patient! Or at least, less anxious when things don’t work out! So
that’s totally a plus! God is so good to us!
Ah hmm I am struggling this week to remember what happened! So I will send pictures!
I had my first “real” fried chicken this week. I almost cried it was so good! Sister Dixon got gumbo! We also had cheesy chips because YUM!

November 10 3 November 10 4

> Stuck in traffic while running late to the Temple…

november 10 1
Did I mention it’s sunny here?
Hahaha blind and white. Actually, I am getting tan, you can’t tell in this picture, but it’s true. I have a watch tan line already. And my shoes tan line is pretty bad. Hahaha

November 10 2

Also, here are totally 4 members in this Ward who are French. I wish I had studied more French before the mission. And everyone has cute kids and that is the worst haha because I can’t pick them up! It kills me. (mission rules include not holding babies and toddlers). I am really excited to be a mom one day (at least 30 months in the future haha). The mission truly is preparation for marriage, problems, and all of life. I am so thankful to be here, learning more about my Savior. Every time I struggle, I am able to use the Atonement more, and begin to understand how Christ feels about me. What a blessing!

I love you all!!!

Sister Michelle Rose Tryon


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