“Sister Tryon must NOT return to Seattle!” Dobby

0051 Happy Missionary with LOTSA MAIL!

A missionary with lots of mail is a HAPPY Missionary!

That’s how I felt this week! I got all my mail from the mission home and from others all at once! I felt like Dobby had been keeping it from me and was like, “Sister Tryon must NOT return to Seattle!”

Anyway, this week will be mostly pictures, less text. We don’t have much time! I will have to do shout outs more next week, but shout out to Beth, Jennifer, Mom, and the Hammers for sending me mail! If I don’t email you back, I’m so sorry! This week is absolutely crazy haha.

Also, I’m sorry for the ranting last week. I’m really trying to get
better and to be more positive about things. But this week truly was
amazing! We met “A” and were able to talk to a few
other people. We got to go to the Trunk or Treat, and we judged the
trunks! They gave us cute little pumpkins for it!

And our investigator
“C” came with his two boys! Well, he’s kind of our investigator,
he lives in Georgia but works in Jacksonville and is friends with a
less active… He’s great!

Ahhhhhhhh we are just out of time! I love
this area!

People are REALLY into Halloween haha everyone decorates
their yard like crazy!

My pondering get scripture this week is Jeremiah 1:7-8. It’s pretty great!
I love you all! Thank you all so much for the letters! I am slowly
making my way through them and trying to write back! I love y’all!

Sister Michelle Rose Tryon

0053 0052

What happens when a missionary forgets to wear bug spray in Florida

0055 Sister Tryon in passenger seat

In the mission car shared with another companionship of Sisters

0066 My Fleming Island area district

The District of Elders and Sisters in the Fleming Island area

 0065 A more accurate version of district photo

A more accurate picture?

0056 Sister Tryon and Sister Nish reunion

A happy reunion with Sister Nish (they were in the same district in the MTC)

0059 Sisters

The Sisters in the district

060 Sisters


0058 Sister Dixon and Sister Tryon outside doors

Selfie Time

0057 Sisters Tryon and Dixon on bikes

Sisters also get to ride bikes, and in skirts no less! Talent!

0054 Sister Tryon and Sister Dixon

Sister Tryon and her companion and friend, Sister Dixon

0064 Cute Kids from Fleming Island 2nd ward #2 and 3 with great face! 0063 Cute kids from Fleming Island 2nd ward #2 and 3

062 Cute kids from Flemind Island 2nd ward #1

Some cute kids from my ward!

061, missionary pumpkins

Missionary pumpkins


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