broken heart

So… This week was going wonderfully (and still is), but I had my first break-up. Over text. Ouch… His name is “B”. The one we taught and who seemed really interested in our message. He is a great kid, he just decided that he was content where he was since The Book of Mormon was harder to read than the Bible. It’s odd, because I’ve had a relationship end before, but this is way different. When you go on a mission and you teach people, you love them. It’s kind of a problem. I love everyone way too much. Like, once I teach them, they have my heart a little bit already. And it just makes me so sad because I KNOW that his WILL bless their lives, if they will but apply it! I KNOW that the lives of others can be so much happier and full of so much more peace and comfort because of this message we, as missionaries, bear! It breaks my heart when they are simply comfortable with what they know and are not willing to at least try something else. And if you want to avoid a rant, skip the next paragraph, because I am about to go full-on Will (This is a reference to former co-worker Will, and I only reference him like this because I miss the fellow, and also I don’t know anyone who could rant as much in just two minutes).

It’s like living in an ice cream shop, and always ordering the same ice cream! As Grandma Timmerman always asked me, “How do you know you don’t like chocolate if you never try strawberry?” PEOPLE. We are living in an ice cream shop (figuratively, or I would eat EVEN MORE ice cream than I already do, and my figure would be much funnier to see waddling down the street). Anyway, we are in a figurative ice cream shop. There are millions of flavor combinations in it. And all of the ice cream has the same base of milk, ice, and salt (A.K.A. Jesus Christ/God/Higher power). Now, it is great to love one flavor of ice cream, but what if there was one that you never knew about that was so amazing?! I mean, for me it would be a multitude of delicious chocolate things and Nutella swirls, but some people might like other things (Weird, I know…). But if you never try other flavors, even just a taste-testing spoonful, you may never know that there is an even more delicious ice cream flavor out there! And it kills me that people won’t even try it, or will ask for a sample, only to lick the spoon (not even the ice cream) and barely taste of its delicious goodness! If you want to know if you like the ice cream (or in this case, if certain beliefs are true and from God), you have to actually be willing to try the whole sample spoonful. Basically, through this semi-rant, what I’m saying is that we all need to have open hearts, and be willing to see if there is anything better for our lives out there. If you want to know if a certain set of beliefs is true, look into them! Pray about them! You won’t know if you like it unless you are willing to experiment on the word, and truly desire to know. Okay, rant over. Breakups are hard, y’all. Spiritual breakups are the worst.

ice cream

Okay, so this week was (apart from “B”) AMAZING! We have met several young families, and will be able to teach them soon! We are practicing teaching when we meet people, and just jumping right in to teaching them about our beliefs. It is amazing to see how much people truly don’t know about the church, and how many misconceptions they may have about the Mormon church (Do we worship seagulls? No, actually, we don’t… Please, if y’all have any strange misconceptions about the church, PLEASE check out under the FAQs section and it is really informative… Or just check it out even if you think you know because it’s a great site.). But being a missionary is the best because we get to clear up all those misconceptions!

This week we were fortunate enough to go on trade-offs with the Sister Training Leaders! Basically, you switch companions and areas for 24 hours. I went to the Whitehouse area, and got to be with Sister Butler, who I already love a lot. It was such an incredible experience!

Apart from that, many little miracles happened this week. One of these is “C”. We went to see a less-active member, and she pulled us into the kitchen, and told us that she had a friend who was curious about the gospel and wondered if we might be prepared to teach him. We were then able to teach this adult man all about the Restoration, and he had many questions which we were able to answer! It was wonderful, and an amazing experience to feel competent with the Holy Ghost telling me what to say. The only problem is that he actually lives in Georgia, so we will have to transfer him to someone else, but it was an amazing experience!

I know that the Lord is preparing these people to hear about His gospel! We need not fear man or what others think. We are proclaiming the word of God! What an opportunity is given to us by a loving Heavenly Father! We, as missionaries, get to represent Jesus Christ and His message of peace for LITERALLY EVERYONE. It’s amazing!!!

As always, I love you all. I miss seeing your faces and hearing the sass (: I hope you are all doing well. You are all amazing, remember that. God is your Father. He knows you perfectly, and still loves us unconditionally. I think He’s happy when we turn to Him in any religion, honestly. I know He wants us to be happy (and that we can find the greatest conversion to Christ, and therefore the greatest happiness, by living His gospel). I know that the church that I represent is Christ’s church, restored on the earth today. I know that He knows what’s going on in our lives, and that we are NEVER alone, because Christ has suffered everything right along with us through the merciful Atonement.

I love you all (: Life is wonderful because God is good to us (good is not an adequate adjective but it will have to suffice for now).


Sister Michelle Rose Tryon

Michelle and groggy little friend 

We found a little groggy friend

(her email said Groggy, but she may have meant Froggy)

Sister Dixon

View from window in apartment complex in Fleming Falls

The view from our apartment window


One thought on “MY FIRST BREAKUP

  1. I so enjoyed your post. I am sorry about the investigator changing his mind. Many years ago I was the disappointment to the missionaries. Some felt bad but some became very angry with me. Eventually I embraced it and joined. I look back on it all, and think about a few things that I could do. I could hire a plane to drag an apology across the sky. Missionaries came to Spokane from all over so that wouldn’t be very effective! I have thought about some other things but haven’t gone those directions either. I have tried to offer assurance to missionaries who have met up with the Michele’s of their time. The people who influenced me, the teachers that taught me, and the missionaries who labored with me kind of formed a spiritual patchwork quilt that has been comforting all of my life. You and the other girls added to the quilt when you came into my life. My mother told me that she would support me in whatever I did. But I had to be certain because there would be no joining and then dropping it. If I joined I would need to put everything into it. And she did support me. She even cooked food that I hated on fast Sunday so I wouldn’t be tempted. One time we were coming up short for my last semester’s tuition and I suggested that we use my tithing money and I would pay it back in the next few months. Mom disagreed. Told me that she couldn’t use that money. It was the Lords. She sent me to the bishop. She would do what he said. He told me to pay my tithing and if I ran out of money, he would loan me what I needed. He also said that I wouldn’t need the loan if I paid my tithing. Well my shoes fell apart the last week of school, etc. etc. That spiritual quilt has provided much warmth! You , my dear, are, and will be, part of somebody’s spiritual quilt. You might know when you are and I bet some of the stitches will be golden, but invisible. You might not be aware of all of the good that you accomplish. But it will happen. And you will be appreciated by so many. I love you my dear and look forward to your next blog. I know that you are a great missionary. Love Grandma T.


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