NAMETAGS and investiGATORS and BUGS oh myyyyyyy…….

It’s becoming more and more apparent every day that we have absolutely no time to write in our journals haha so I am not 100% sure I will remember everything, so this will be a snippet of this week!

In answer as to Mom’s question as to why we wear our name tags on the right side, when in a lot of other missions, they are worn on the left, we asked President Craig about that, and it makes sense! He says it’s because when you shake hands with people, their eyes naturally go to the right shoulder, and he wants that tag to be what people see first off.


Ahhhh so hmmm… this week we have had much more luck! We know almost all of the members who come to church (About 80 of 200 people in a ward list). We aren’t even sure who everyone is because we are a big navy town, so people are constantly moving in and out of the ward, so numbers fluctuate… So it is going to be awesome, and since we are completely new Sisters, we can knock on any door and just say that we’re trying to get to know the ward members! So that’s fun haha (:

Also hahaha so we may have locked ourselves out of our apartment one day when we lost our keys. We were in a car share, and it was a real struggle hahaha. And when we went to the office to try to get some new keys, we were given a card and told that the person could get back to us about it in about a day or two hahaha. So we talked to some of the members of the ward, hoping someone could pick a lock, and they ended up actually getting a locksmith for us and paying for it for us! Seriously, the members here take care of the missionaries! They are so kind and I love it! I am loving getting to know all the kids and the parents, just because it is so new and they are so excited to have Sisters in the ward again!
locksmiths drilled through our lock
(The locksmith drilled through our lock)
As far as investigators, we have met a few potentials!
We met “B” last week, and taught him the Restoration while we were standing by the mailbox. It was awesome! He is a 19 year-old who is going to boot camp sometime in the future, and is so kind! We have met with him twice now, and hope to have him coming to church! Also, we set a baptismal date with him (if he finds it to be true) of November 7th! So that is awesome! I’m really excited for him! He’s a really great kid (Kid being relative because haha we are both 19 I guess).
We also met “R” and “N” this week, a young couple with a really cute one or two year-old. We taught them the message of the Restoration in 20 or so minutes while their son was playing on the playground. They also just moved in, and are looking for a church to attend here in Fleming Island. We invited them to come to our church, gave them a card, The Restoration pamphlet, and a Book of Mormon, which “R” was really excited to read! We did have a lesson planned for them, but his grandfather is going to pass away soon, so we had to reschedule. We are praying for him and his family.
We also met “P”, a twenty-something year-old who doesn’t really believe in God, and we taught him about the reality of God and the power of prayers being answered. It’s really amazing! I love it!
I know we’ve met some other people, but those stand out to me most this week!
Also, my legs are pretty horrendous hahaha. They are covered in bug bites from (I kid you not) two hours of teaching separate people while standing outside in the grass without my bug spray. I don’t even care how bad the bug spray smells now, I am going to use it hahaha.
In answer to how many children are in my current ward, I’ve only met like 40 or so? There aren’t actually a ton, which is sad. ALSO there is the CUTEST little two year old with Down’s who I met on Sunday and AHHHHHH MAN it is the BEST thing is the world! Tender mercies!!!
For my friends at Red Apple Market:
can take the grocery store out of the girl
You can take the girl out of the grocery store, but you can’t take the grocery store out of the girl… I have a problem called I miss work! And this (facing items in our refrigerator) somehow brings me a sense of peace hahaha (;
I think my favorite part of being a missionary so far is seeing how peoples’ countenances change when we teach them about the gospel. You can literally see the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost rekindling within them, and it’s amazing to see and feel the Holy Ghost testifying of the truth of these things to them! It’s amazing! It’s wonderful to see people realize the happiness that they can have! I love this gospel! It truly is one of peace and joy. It’s the whole reason I’m here, is to just let people at least hear of it, and to see if it’s something that they want. I know it has brought me so much peace in this crazy world, and if I could help someone else to find that peace and happiness, 18 months is nothing to sacrifice.
I love you all, and I hope you are all doing well!
Sister Michelle Rose Tryon

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